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Last week was the finale of Haikyuu! (manga). For those who have been waiting for it, what did you think of the ending? For those who are unfamiliar with Haikyuu, it's a series about volleyball! It starts with Shouyou Hinata, a high schooler who dreams to become a volleyball player. He joins the volleyball club … Continue reading Haikyuu!

The Promised Neverland

It has been about a week since The Promised Neverland manga has ended. What were your thoughts on it? For those who haven't read the manga yet, don't worry! I will briefly summarize the series for you! But you should definitely read it! It is super good! The Promised Neverland is about a group of … Continue reading The Promised Neverland

Hidden Gems of Anime/Manga

There are so many GREAT unknown anime out there. Why are they not popular though... They're so good... (This is extremely subjective bc they're based on my taste in manga/anime lmao) Barakamon Barakamon is a comedy anime about a calligrapher who has fallen from fame due to a violent episode he had with a famous … Continue reading Hidden Gems of Anime/Manga