Binge-Worthy Anime

Feeling bored and looking for anime to watch? Want something short that could be finished in a day? Here are some anime that are absolutely binge-worthy! (you might wish for more though)

The Devil is a Part-Timer

Episodes: 13

The Devil is a Part-Timer, is about Demon Lord Satan, who was forced to travel to modern Japan after facing off with the Hero Emilia. Emilia also follows Satan through the time-portal and the two of them found themselves being allies in order to survive in modern Japan.

Ok, please don’t let my summary drive you away from watching this. I swear, my summary is not doing the anime justice. I tried my best though. Anyways, The Devil is a Part-Timer is SO funny. There are so many characters that contribute to the comedic elements. There is also plot that drives this story forward. You have to watch this. (Lucifer best Hataraku boy). Oh yeah, just because Emilia and Satan become allies doesn’t mean that they don’t hate each other. They literally fight, so much, it’s funny. Please watch!

There is also a light novel under the same name, if you are interested in reading.

Akashic Records of a Bastard Magic Instructor

Episodes: 12

Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingel are students of a famous magical academy. However, one day, their instructor retired and was replaced by Glenn Radars, someone who doesn’t seem like he has any experience teaching. Sistine was very disappointed in knowing that this instructor won’t help her reach her goal of unraveling the secrets of the Sky Castle. One day, the school was attacked by the old instructor and Glenn Radars was forced to make a move. What could Glenn Radars be hiding?

Akashic Record of a Bastard Magic Instructor is also pretty funny. It’s really fun to watch Glenn Radars turn his students from being very dissatisfied with him to students who look up to him. But his past is something else. He has a tough time managing with his past and his students help draw him to the present. It’s a very healthy teacher-student classroom relationship. He helps them improve their magic, and the students, in turn, helps take Glenn Radars’s mind off of his past.

There is also a light novel if you are interested in reading.

Akame ga Kill

Episodes: 24

WARNING: Blood and Gore

Tatsumi is a fighter who was seeking ways to help his village along with his two childhood friends. He was taken in by a noble family. But one day, Night Raid, an assassin group killed his noble family. Tatsumi finds out that they had planned on torturing him like what they did to his childhood friends. He joins Night Raid after learning that and he joins their ranks. Although Night Raid is feared by many, their goal is to the public’s benefit — to overthrow the Prime Minister who is manipulating the Emperor for his own personal gain.

Akame ga Kill buildup is really good. From the beginning to the climax, it is tension filled, with the audience at the edge of their seats. The ending, however, was different from the manga. (No spoilers, but if you are interested, you can read the manga to find out). But I don’t think that changes the anime much, since there was only so much they could fit into 24 episodes, with most of it being plot driven so that the story can have a satisfying climax. But for a more satisfying ending, read the manga! But the anime shouldn’t be looked down on either!

Love is Hard for Otaku

Episodes: 13 (11 main + 2 OVAs)

Narumi is a working adult. But her secret? She’s an otaku, fujoshi to be specific. Hirotaka is also a working adult. His secret? He is also an otaku, more of a gmer type otaku. The romantic life of otaku is really hard, huh?

I remember reading the manga before the anime was released! I really love this series. It’s so cute and really gets my hopes up that maybe I can live their life too. Jealous….. But Love is Hard for Otaku is really good! You follow a group of otaku on their journey to find love and balance their work while doing what they enjoy. It’s also pretty funny because of the group dynamics clashing. But overall, everyone is super cute and really supportive of each other, despite their differences. 100% recommend. My friends and I watched this together and we can’t get over how cute Love is Hard for Otaku is.

The Town Where Only I Am Missing

Episodes: 12

Satoru Fujinuma is a young man living in Japan. He has the ability called “Revival”, aka he can travel back in time during life-threatening moments. After his mother was killed, he went back 18 years into the past to investigate and stop the kidnapper who kidnapped and murdered his classmates and friends.

I remember when this anime was a huge thing. It got so many adaptations because of that. But I think I still like the anime adaptation better. There is a lot of mystery and tension in the series as Satoru investigates the incidents. The build up and everything leading up to the ending was great. There was so much to unravel as the mystery unfolds. It was a really fun watch. Really made my inner detective go to work. The murderer wasn’t obvious and the clues, in hindsight, made sense.

Honorable Mentions:

Terror in Resonance – 11 episodes

Two boys steal a bomb and threatens Tokyo with it under the name of Sphinx. What the public didn’t know was that the two boys were survivors of an experiment to develop children with Sevant Syndrome into human weapons. Their plan was to expose the activities of that experiment and the organization that ran it.

Kabenari of the Iron Fortress – 12 episodes

A virus breaks out during the Industrial Revolution to turn people into zombie- like creatures, called “Kabane”. Most weapons aren’t effective on them like normal zombies. To protect themselves, people built safe cities, which can only be accessed by traveling via a fortified train. One day, the train gets hijacked by the kabane and a young engineer gets infected in the process. He overcomes the virus and becomes a kabenari. And together with the help of another kabenari, they work to save people and find other safe locations for people to live in.

Snow White With Red Hair – 24 Episodes

Shirayuki is an independent herbalist because people judged her because of her red hair. A prince notices her beauty and demands for her to become his concubine. She refused, cut her hair, and ran off. As she starts her journey, she meets Prince Zen, who gets poisoned from an apple the prince (that wanted Shirayuki as his concubine) sent and Shirayuki created an antidote for him. There, Prince Zen takes her to the palace where she passes the exam to study as a herbalist. There, her love story begins.

A3! Spring and Summer – 12 episodes

In Tokyo, there is an theater company on the brink of collapsing, in debt, no actors, nothing. Izumi Tachibana receives a letter from the company to her father and goes to investigate them. There she decides to become the general director of the theater company to return it to its former glory.

Tower of God – 13 episodes

Twenty-Fifth Bam is an orphan boy who was found by a girl named Rachel. Rachel talks about her desire to see the stars and the only way to do so is up the Tower. Bam, following after his savior, also enters the Tower. There, he meets allies and enemies alike while ascending the Tower.

There you have it! A list of 10 anime that are super engrossing and binge-worthy. I tried to choose anime that are not as well known so that it would give everyone an opportunity to experience something new. Let me know what you think of them! Happy binging!

(also by the time this post is uploaded, it would be my birthday! yay yay! happy birthday to me!)

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