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Revue Starlight – Re:Live

Girls that sing and fight? Wow! Welcome to the world of Revue Starlight. Re:Live is the mobile game version of the hit anime Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight. However, you don't have to watch the anime to play the game. In fact, I watched the anime after starting the game so I mean... The game format … Continue reading Revue Starlight – Re:Live

AASide: Band Intros

Another Bushiroad project?! Well not exactly. AASide is the project name for another BanG Dream project. However, instead of girl bands, it's... Boy bands! Before anybody starts pouncing on me, no, this project will be in a separate universe than the girl bands. Therefore, the girls and boys will never interact with each other. However, … Continue reading AASide: Band Intros