Upcoming 2021 English Otome Games I’m Looking Forward To

Many new otome games are coming to the west in 2021. Aksys Games had announced they are localizing three which are Olympia Soiree, Dairoku: Ayakashimori, and Variable Barricade. Fingers crossed for Piofiore: Episodio 1926 to get localized soon hopefully. Furthermore, there’s more coming to the mobile such as Final B-cut, and Blood Kiss. In case you have not heard of it, Bustafellows is also getting localized! Are any of these on your list?

  1. Olympia Soiree

Olympia Soiree has been announced to be released on the Nintendo Switch by Aksys Games. This is one of the top ones I am looking forward to! The story seems interesting about a girl named Olympia who is the last of her clan so she searching for a partner to continue her lineage. All the characters are so beautifully drawn, and the heroine has a more distinct design this time. Moreover, the music is great. The opening song is so catchy. I can’t wait for its release, and to start this adventure!

2. Final B-cut

It’s great to see so many new Korean otome games being released. My recent favorite mobile otome game has been Love Unholyc, but Final B-cut’s vibrant colors and artstyle stood out to me. There aren’t many details yet other than the release date is in 2021, and it’s a fully voiced mobile game. Recently, their twitter (@finalbcut_en) has posted character introductions, so if you would like to keep updated then feel free to follow their Twitter! I am intrigued by the plot seeing the game involve grim reapers.

Images from Final B-cut Twitter (@finalbcut_en)

3. Bustafellows

Bustafellows is coming to Switch and PC in 2021! At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be interested in Bustafellows, but the summary has gotten me hooked. I love mysteries in otome games, so I wonder if it will be similar to Collar x Malice.

Steam describes the story as follows:

Arrive in New Sieg, a beautiful fictional town. Step into the shoes of a strong, smart and gifted journalist in this romantic adventure. You play the part of a young woman with the ability to leap in the past for a very short period in the bodies of others, which you use for data collection and helping people. After witnessing the murder of a crooked lawyer – she goes back in time in an attempt to save him. Thus, the journey begins as our protagonist goes back in time in the body of another person and tries to warn Limbo. It’s up to you to figure out how to save him!

4. Dairoku: Ayakashimori

Another game announced for English release by Aksys Games. I haven’t played many otome games with yokais in it, so I am definitely going to enjoy a change of pace. Additionally, I like the dark colors used, and I think I already found my favorite character!

Synopsis via Aksys Games:

Shino’s ability to perceive ghosts lands her a job with the secret government agency tasked with overseeing the supernatural yokai. But even she is not prepared for an assignment to a wonderous, hidden world where she must unify and watch over the yokai.

5. Variable Barricade

Variable Barricade is also expecting a English release this year on the Switch! If you are into something more of a modern romance, then definitely check this out. I think Mayuzumi Shion will be my favorite character, he looks simple yet elegant.

Synopsis via Aksys Games:

Hibari’s wealthy grandfather is determined to find her a husband… and she’s just as determined not to accept! Will being forced to live in a luxurious villa with the hand-picked suitors result in an engagement?

6. Blood Kiss

Image from Blood Kiss Twitter (@BloodKiss_game)

I am a fan of Lucydream’s mobile otome games starting from Dangerous Fellows a while back. Android pre-registration for Blood Kiss has begun, and the IOS will be coming soon. Compared to their previous games, this art is much more realistic. However that’s also what attracted me to this game. Looking forward to this exciting story with vampires.

Source: Aksys Games, Aksys Games Official Twitter, Final B-cut Twitter, Bustafellows Website, Blood Kiss Twitter

3 thoughts on “Upcoming 2021 English Otome Games I’m Looking Forward To

  1. Oooh, thank you, these all look very interesting! I’m especially looking forward to BUSTAFELLOWS (love a good crime drama) and Variable Barricade.

    I haven’t played a mobile otome for a long time but the production values look so good now! Do you know if B-cut is going to be freemium or commercial?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you are looking forward to them as well! So far there hasn’t been much news for B-cut, so I’m not sure yet. But the pre-registration for Blood Kiss mobile has began. From the previous games I played from Blood Kiss’s company, it’s pretty easy to get diamonds and play for free, so hopefully it’s similar ^-^

      I also recommend Love Unholyc, it has a messaging system like Mystic Messenger! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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