King’s Raid: Ishi wo Tsugumono-tachi Ep. 1 (Spoilers!)

Wait, does anybody play the game? (I lost my old account so I had to start again, but anyone wanna be friends? haha jk). Anyways, the popular RPG game, King’s Raid, actually got an anime! You have no idea how hyped I was when I saw the announcement. I love this game so much.

In this episode, we meet our hero, Kasel. He’s training to be a knight in Orvel. However, his peaceful life was disrupted when the appearances of demons in the King’s Forest starts getting everyone in Orvel worried. Kasel’s friend, Clause, was sent out to scout the forest and defeat the demons. However, only one knight from Clause’s scout party returned and he was super beat up. Kasel, being worried about Clause, decided to set out to the King’s Forest to look for Clause.

However, before he could set out, he was stopped by his priest friend, Frey, and she demanded that Kasel takes her along. So off they go to the King’s Forest!


And of course many things happen outside of Kasel’s world. In the royal castle, things are going down too. The Chancellor is in deep dilemma, as a figure of power suggests using the power of the Dark Elves to defeat the demons. However, the humans and Dark Elves don’t have a good relationship so the Chancellor was reluctant to agree to that person’s suggestion.

Here we meet Rihito and his group of Dark Elf mercenaries


And here we are shown Rihito’s actual plan. Of course Rihito wouldn’t agree to help the humans without anything in return. Hmmmm I wonder what his plan is (watch the anime to find out!).


King’s Raid (the game) is super fun. The story is flows very nicely and keeps the player interested! The anime doesn’t exactly follow the game story line (with the introduction of Rihito and his mercenary gang). But the anime does follow Kasel’s story pretty well (in the first episode at least). Pretty much everything Kasel goes through in the anime, he also went through in the game.

Anyways. I have really really high expectations for King’s Raid the anime since I also loved the game. The anime doesn’t exactly follow the path of the game so not even I can predict what’s going to happen next. But I look forward to Kasel and Rihito’s development! Will they go against each other? Or will they work together? We’ll find out soon!

Also, the opening was performed by fripSide. And you know what that means? An absolute win, because it was sung by Nanjo, and I love Nanjo (Nanjo is fripSide’s vocalist). Another reason why you should give King’s Raid a shot. hehe

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