Love Unholyc Otome Review

Are you perhaps a fan of Mystic Messenger, and want to check out another game similar to it? Well, good news because there is a recent one on the mobile you may have heard of called Love Unholyc developed by Prettybusy!

Left to right: Sol, Jung Hi, Leo

Hello everyone! It’s Aiya, and I recently played this game and wanted to talk a bit about my gameplay experience.

So far, there is Season 1 in English which is more like a common route. I just found out recently that there was going to be a Season 2 and Season 3 coming soon! Some information is below from the Love Unholyc’s Official Twitter.


I’m definitely looking forward to Season 2 since Season 1 ended in a cliffhanger and we get to choose a route in Season 2! However, Season 1 was a nice introduction to the storyline and characters.

In the game, there is a call feature similar to Mystic Messenger, but they also have a video chat! Unlike Love Unholyc, it’s easier in Mystic messenger to get hearts(the ones for hourglass) and sometimes you receive hourglasses from chats. And if you missed chats, you could move on, but you just wouldn’t be part of the chat meaning you can’t make choices. On the other hand, Love Unholyc has other ways to get Acme to exchange for tickets from watching ads from the butler, and you have a chance to get Acme or tickets from doing daily Tear of Asmodeus. In addition, if you miss Love Unholyc’s chat rooms, you could also move on like in Mystic Messenger, but you can’t skip visual novel parts meaning you would need to use tickets for them.


You’re an Unholyc, a race born between a human and a devil, who specializes in the power to charm and seduce others. In order to become a fully fledge Unholyc, you have been seeking partners but you’ve accidentally managed to form a contract with three handsome humans…

Unholyc are the descendent of Asmodeus, an ancient demon king of lust that descended upon this land a long time ago. Apparently, he fell in love with humans and gave birth to the first generation of Unholycs. They resemble Asmodeus in that they have the ability to charm and seduce others while being able to use powers like most devils.

-Love Unholyc Wiki


Jung Hi

Jung Hi is an idol, and he is often cheerful and cute, but he’s also a sadist inside. He is one of the three main routes, and the emoji of a mushroom pops up when you make a choice in favor of Jung Hi. This is similar to how Mystic Messenger has different heart colors representing favorability towards a certain character.


Leo is a fashion model, and he’s also my favorite character! His emoji is a dog that will pop up if you make a choice toward his favorability.


Sol has a deeper background. He’s a tailor at a store called Ripeato, but he also had another identity of a gang leader. His emoji is a cat that will pop up if choices are toward his favorability.

An important tip would be that there are different comical ends or known as bad ends if you don’t reach enough affinity requirements for each character. So you have to choose choices that favor any character rather than none, unlike Mystic messenger where you try to make choices toward one character. There are also other bad ends such as allowing William to delete your game at the beginning will lead to the fastest game over!

During my first rounds of the game, I kept getting bad ends due to targeting only one character, but they were quite funny and enjoyable at least. I also hope we get to learn more in-depth about the characters as well as the side characters. There was one character, Sujee, that was kind of annoying and I knew since the beginning she was bad news. Since she is like a huge fan of Jung Hi, she got upset about everyone taking him away from her so she went and poisoned the drinks of Hi’s crewmates, poisoned the cat, and even slapped the MC girl for no reason T.T I’m glad they found out in the end, and I wonder who that guy was at the end of Season 1.

Overall, the art and design is beautiful not to mention the voice! I highly recommend to give it a try and see if you like it.

Source: Love Unholyc official Twitter, Love Unholyc Wiki

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