Accomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter (Spoilers!)

Here’s another pretty good isekai manga! This time, our main character enters the other world after all her actions and she’s being punished for them!

So how will she get out of her punishment? Well…. she can’t… BUT! She can work to lessen the punishment. And that is exactly what Iris Armelia did.

Iris Armelia is the daughter of the duke, which is the ranking just below the royal family. So, she’s pretty high up there. However, that also means that her actions carry a lot of weight.

Her fiance, the second Crown Prince, was cheating on her with the “protagonist” Yuri. Being someone who loved the second Crown Prince, of course Iris would get angry at Yuri for stealing her man. But that exact decision to harass Yuri led her to doom. Even Iris’s own brother condemned her…

Anyways, she was expelled from the academy and was sent home to await punishment. If she was originally following the game plot, she would’ve been sent to the nunnery. However, this time she wasn’t sent to the nunnery but instead was sent to the Armelia fief, where she had to be acting fief lord. But the Armelia fief isn’t doing well…. How will Iris manage the slowly deteriorating fief?


I… really love this manga. Iris is so smart (sometimes too smart). Her innovations are really unique (if you take into the time period) and she was even able to start her own business while fighting against the original protagonist, Yuri. Iris is such a strong girl… no matter what happens, she will face it head on and that’s what I really like about her. Iris isn’t a damsel in distress like some other isekai leads and instead Iris shows that she can solve problems on her own without the help of the male lead.

Also! This manga teaches about business management and economics (on a theoretical scale since this is fictional haha). But I find that some of that information is actually helpful. Since Iris started her own business, sometimes she would talk about how it works and stuff, which I find really neat. It’s not everyday you see the female leads create their own thriving and successful business haha.

(Note: There is also a novel, so if you don’t want to read the manga, you always have another option! But the manga art is so pretty… kinda hard to pass up)

One thought on “Accomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter (Spoilers!)

  1. I love this manga too. It’s great to see an intelligent heroine making full use of her mind to solve problems and I liked the focus on how she’s using her knowledge from our world to make her fiefdom a better, fairer and more prosperous place. I always look forward to new volumes of this series.


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