The Promised Neverland

It has been about a week since The Promised Neverland manga has ended. What were your thoughts on it? For those who haven’t read the manga yet, don’t worry! I will briefly summarize the series for you! But you should definitely read it! It is super good!

The Promised Neverland is about a group of kids, who are basically “livestock” for monsters. The smarter they are, the better (because their brainds… mmmm…). When they reach a certain age, they get “adopted” and never seen again.

However, one night, Emma, a kid from one of those houses realizes what being “adopted” really meant and why those kids who were “adopted” were never seen again.

Being the smart girl that she is, she and her other siblings work together to leave the house that they are bound to. And this story is about their journey away from their fate.


This series is a whole 5/5 for me. I really enjoyed reading it. It also ended recently, so for those who don’t like reading ongoing series, you might want to consider this one! There are a lot of twists in this series and wow it’s really cool watching these kids who are younger than me solve them (not even I was able to figure some of them out). Although I’m not very big on the ending, I still think that this series is very good and everybody should read it!

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