Hello everyone! I hope you guys are all well! I’m finally back from break because school is almost over! Thank you for continuing to support AniToko!

This post will be about a popular manga called “Act-Age”!

Act-Age is about an aspiring actress, 16 year old, Kei Yonagi. Her family has been broken apart, her mother died, her father left, leaving her to take care of her two younger siblings.

To make money to support the three of them, Kei works many jobs at a time, making her look super fit (commented by her classmates and eventually the director that takes her in).

However, Kei’s real goal is to become an actress. She goes to audition for Star, an entertainment company. However, things did not go well.

She was asked to act out “sadness”.

But here’s the thing. Kei’s acting is all based on her experience. It’s really neat. She goes through her memories and acts out how she felt when living through those memories. Which makes it tough for her sometimes because she doesn’t have any experience with certain scenarios.

This manga follows Kei on her journey to become an actress! Readers will follow Kei through acting in movies, theater plays, and so much more!

The entertainment industry is no joke, so will Kei be able to become a big star?


Act-Age is super interesting! It’s very concept heavy (acting terms and all that good stuff). But it is extremely helpful! If you’re planning on becoming an actor of some sort, Act-Age will let you experience that!

Act-Age also has an anime announced! I think it might join the 2021 lineup, so looking forward to that!

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