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Binge-Worthy Anime

Feeling bored and looking for anime to watch? Want something short that could be finished in a day? Here are some anime that are absolutely binge-worthy! (you might wish for more though) The Devil is a Part-Timer Episodes: 13 The Devil is a Part-Timer, is about Demon Lord Satan, who was forced to travel to … Continue reading Binge-Worthy Anime

Tower of God Ep. 1 Review (Spoilers!)

I must say, I expect a lot from this anime, especially because it's such a popular webtoon. This review is written by someone who hasn't read the webtoon yet, so keep that in mind as you read this review! First, I would like to start out with the opening, Top (Japanese Ver.) by Stray Kids. … Continue reading Tower of God Ep. 1 Review (Spoilers!)