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Online Concerts and Sound-Only-Lives

Are you a concert goer? What is happening to concerts now that large gatherings are banned? Well, some franchises have come up with a solution to that problem! Introducing: online concerts and "sound-only-lives" (SOLs). Onine concerts are exactly as they sound. The artists put on a concert and the audience members get to view the … Continue reading Online Concerts and Sound-Only-Lives

AASide Update!

Hello! I am back! I really want to write a post on the upcoming Argonavis from BanG Dream game because a whole bunch of updates were made during their livestream this morning! I am shaking from all that information we got as I am writing this post. The image above is most likely going to … Continue reading AASide Update!

AASide: Band Intros

Another Bushiroad project?! Well not exactly. AASide is the project name for another BanG Dream project. However, instead of girl bands, it's... Boy bands! Before anybody starts pouncing on me, no, this project will be in a separate universe than the girl bands. Therefore, the girls and boys will never interact with each other. However, … Continue reading AASide: Band Intros