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Online Concerts and Sound-Only-Lives

Are you a concert goer? What is happening to concerts now that large gatherings are banned? Well, some franchises have come up with a solution to that problem! Introducing: online concerts and "sound-only-lives" (SOLs). Onine concerts are exactly as they sound. The artists put on a concert and the audience members get to view the … Continue reading Online Concerts and Sound-Only-Lives

Into the World of J-Pop (pt.1 w/ Neru)

After reading my short introduction, many of you should know that I’m a huge Roselia and Aqours fan. However, I also listen to many different artists to get a taste of their unique styles. These songs below are some of my favorites, so I hope you guys will enjoy them! As many Aqours fans may … Continue reading Into the World of J-Pop (pt.1 w/ Neru)