Piofiore: Fated Memories Otome – Orlok Route Review

Now for my favorite soft and cute guy that must be protected, Orlok!

Orlok is a Disciple of the Church, under Josef von Rosberg, and he works as an informant. He is tasked with the mission to observe Burlone and protect the Key Maiden. Orlok is so pure and innocent. In Orlok’s route, he is ordered to take Lili away from the Church and put her under Lao Shu’s custody. After realizing the Lao Shu’s intentions of exploiting the message of God for their own benefits and money, Orlok escapes with Lili as they are being chased by the three Burlone mafias and the Church. Josef isn’t a good person either when he denied his connection with the Lao Shu and even ordered Orlok to kill Lili after blaming her for the uproar. As for the mafia, they are all going after them for their own reasons, but I can’t blame Dante after finding out what Orlok did to him.

Orlok’s route revealed more information about the Key Maiden and Church. I feel bad for Orlok, he was tricked into believing he was killing for the sake of God and believed Josef wholeheartedly. He really is innocent. I mean he believed the Lao Shu were pious and good people, and after leaving Josef, he suggested going back to talk it out with him. This bad end was the darkest for me, and I didn’t even expect Dante to have that side to him. Also, the truth about Josef’s relationship with Orlok was a shock. Another sad part was Luca’s death from a fever in the midst of their hiding. As for the good end, they both end up together, and they make such a sweet couple! Orlok deserves better, and I hope they can live a new and better life despite their past sins.

Image source and for more information, you can visit Aksys Games!

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