The Ssum: Forbidden Lab First Impression

The Ssum: Forbidden Lab is a mobile otome game that has recently released in English. It is by the same developer as Mystic Messenger, Cheritz! As a fan of Mystic Messenger, I was excited to play another game by their creator, and it has a similar chat room and calling feature as Mystic Messenger. If you thought Mystic Messenger seemed like a lot of work, The Ssum is a 200 day gameplay experience, but compared to MM, players can choose their time to chat. In the beginning, it will ask about your schedule which can be less stressful compared to MM’s frequent chats.

Players basically enter an app to find their someone special, and meet someone named Teo, who is currently at the hospital. Players will get to know more about Teo including why he ended up there as they interact. In addition to this, there are several functions to check out on the game interface (I still need to look through some of them T.T)!

Overall, I’ve only gotten a few days into the game, but I don’t think I’m doing too well with long term games ;~; On some busy days, I forget to get on, and 200 days may be a bit too much commitment for some. However, this can make the relationship seem more realistic, getting to know each other over a long period of time. I will try my best to keep going and see where I end up (I have a good feeling I’m heading towards a bad end lol). The art for this game is also gorgeous! Don’t hesitate to try out the game and see for yourself if you like it, and let me know how you are enjoying it! (ᗒᗣᗕ)

Official Website

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