For My Derelict Favorite Webtoon Review

Are you a fan of the second male lead in most stories like I am? If so, you will probably enjoy this story as much as I did!


What happens after the story ends with a “happily ever after”? When Hestia enters her favorite novel as a side character, she happily fangirls from the sidelines. Thinking she’ll return home when the story reaches its end, Hestia finds that the only thing awaiting her is the tragic death of her favorite character. Now miraculously restored to the day of the ending, Hestia decides that she’ll no longer spectate from the sidelines – instead, she’ll save her derelict favorite!

-via Webtoon
Official Cover

Original work by: Kim Seonyu
Written by: Ryuho
Art by: Kimyong
Genre: Romance


As usual, it is one of those main character wakes up in a novel type of story, but the art is so gorgeous and I got a soft spot for white hair male characters! I think the first chapter beginning was a bit confusing since it seemed like the story was going to begin after she made that prayer. However, that was just a scene or foreshadow for what would happen later. Second time in the novel again, she is going to help the heartbroken Caelus, who is the second male lead. He did so much for the love of his friends, the crown prince, Helios, and the saint, Diana, who are also the main characters. Feeling abandoned by them, he kind of lost meaning in life so Hestia is gonna heal his broken heart and get revenge for him~

Cael is just so cute and handsome, and it also pains me to see him sad and lifeless in the beginning chapters. I’m glad he met Hestia and she is doing her best for him in the revenge process and battle in the social circle. Although it is a contract marriage right now, I’m sure he is starting to fall for her already. Diana has the power to heal as a saint, and since Hestia knew the novel, she said she had the power to predict the future. Hestia has used her knowledge for the empire like predicting attacks, and knowing the ending of the male leads relationship. Of course, none of those information to the Helios and Diana came at a free cost. The story seems interesting so far, and can’t wait to see how everything goes. Since Hestia is changing the present, I’m sure it would affect the future that she knew but how much of a difference would it make? I am kind of skeptical of Diana still, whether she is a good or bad person.

If you like romance historical manhwa with some reincarnation and magic, then feel free to give this a shot. Let me know how you like it so far!

You can read the story here!

2 thoughts on “For My Derelict Favorite Webtoon Review

  1. Yes, I’m reading this manhwa right now, and it’s so good! I love how Hestia doesn’t give a toot about being nice to everyone, she’s out for revenge for her favorite character and she’s not holding back! I feel bad for Cael, his “friends” just used him for all he had and then threw him away once he wasn’t useful any more. I’m glad he has someone like Hestia to stand up for him!

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