Roxana / The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother Webtoon Review

I have found a manhwa that has become one of my favorites so far!


Kidnapping, murder, and risqué relationships! Within the scandalous pages of The Abysmal Flower, the downfall of Roxana Agrece’s criminal family is already foretold. So when Cassis Pedelian, the heroine’s older brother, is kidnapped by Roxana’s father, she can either wait for the heroine’s revenge… or take matters into her own hands, since Cassis is the key to her survival. But with deceitful characters on all sides, can Roxana and Cassis trust each other enough to bring down the brutal Agreces?

The Way to Protect the Female Lead's Older Brother: Chapter 2 – Asterlis  Locked Series


I love this webtoon so far especially our protagonist, Roxana. She sticks with her role as the daughter of a villainous household, the Agrece. Although she went into this world like any other, trapped in a novel, the characters stood out to me the most. Everyone in the Agrece is just insane and really fits the definition of evil. Even their children take in poison to build a resistance against it. It’s truly competitive to survive in this family from seeing how Roxana lost her brother because he failed the test in this family. And, he was killed by none other than the eldest son, Dion. All the step siblings seem pretty messed up too. Her younger half brother Jeremy, seems to be a yandere or obsessed with his sister, and not just the children but Dion’s mother was scary too seeing what she did to her “toys.”

Roxana plans to save the main lead’s brother, Cassis Pedelian, in hopes to survive. Cassis is the older brother is the supposed female lead in this story, Sylvia. So what happened to Cassis? Well the Pedelian family is an enemy to the Agrece, so they kidnapped him and made him into their toy. Roxana acted cruel on the outside while taking him under her wing, and we see their relationship develop. Also, Cassis possess an interesting power that recovers the other person’s energy through a kiss. Dion is definitely bad news around them, but I actually kind of like him. Roxana does manage to help Cassis escape and get her brothers on her side to go against their father. If you like historical manhwa and gorgeous art, then check out this story to learn what happens next!

You can read it on Tapas

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