Who Made Me a Princess Manhwa Review

I want to start off saying it has been a long journey and this manhwa just recently ended. I remember first checking it out during its early start years ago and without realizing, years have gone by and the story has reached a conclusion. So what’s the story about?

Tappytoon Trailer

Creators: Spoon, Plutus


​​I’ve been reincarnated as Athanasia, the princess with jewel eyes from the novel “Lovely Princess.” But I’m not the main character—the beautiful and kind Jennette is. My father, the bloodthirsty Emperor Claude de Alger Obelia, loves her more than me… and might kill me just as he killed his older brother to take the throne. I may be destined to meet my demise at his hands, but no way am I about to give up. I’ll win his affections little by little with my adorable charms and make sure to change my fate!

Official Image from Tapas


This story was one of my first manhwa I read that got me addicted to these romance, historical manhwas. It was also the first I read with these plot of being reincarnated into some handsome guy’s daughter. Yes, it’s pretty common in most stories now like Daughter of the Emperor, and I Became The Emperor’s Daughter One Day. But I found this story very heartwarming and cute. Athanasia started off trying to get on his father, Claude’s, good side to avoid getting killed. And watching their interactions and him slowly opening up to her were memorable moments for me. Along with those sweet parts, there was also some sad parts near the climax of the story where Claude became unconscious and the whole amnesia thing. I had always wondered why Claude looks so young and handsome for a father, and turns out mana slows down aging! (I actually didn’t expect them to address that part about their aging lol)

In addition to a good looking father, we can’t forget the beautiful male leads. Ijekiel is the kind, caring, and cute prince like character. Lucas is a strong magician who teases her often, but it was cute how he tried to get her attention at the end. He is also quite protective of Athanasia. I was rooting for Lucas since the beginning, but the ending was kind of a shock. I mean, she chose the best man cough cough. As for Jennette, I thought she would kind of turn evil but she stayed as a pure and innocent good sister of Athanasia and I’m glad she got a happy end as well with her father~

Watching them grow up has been a blast. It has ended with about 125 chapters and the author will be releasing some side stories or extras after. I can’t wait to check it out! To be honest, I wouldn’t mind reading more about Claude and Athanasia’s mom. If you like historical romance manhwa that’s cute, sweet, touching, and some fantasy then I definitely recommend this story.

You can read the story on Tapas and Tappytoon


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