Our Top 10 Winter Anime 2021 Impressions **Contain Spoiler**

By: Aiya and Yume

Winter Anime was a fun and interesting journey with several returning shows. Here were some of our top Animes this season!

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen has been a big hit this season as a popular series. I find the plot quite interesting with cursed spirits and our main character Yuji Itadori, who becomes the cursed spirit, Sukuna’s vessel. He is then enrolled in Tokyo Jujutsu High where he meets Nobara and Megumi. They are the ultimate trio and are there for each other like when Kyoto Jujutsu High was trying to kill Itadori and when Megumi was going after the cursed spirit to save his sister! My favorite character is definitely Gojou because he’s strong and has such beautiful eyes. I also like how we get to learn more about individual character’s backstory along the way. It helps viewers feel more attached to the characters. I can’t wait for the next season and the movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0!

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season Part 1

The show does start off a bit slow, but the pace does pick up. I enjoyed this season, I was hyped seeing Rimuru become the demon lord. After the attack from the Kingdom of Falmuth, several died including Shion. (Noo, not Shion ;-;) Rimuru was still teaching far away so he couldn’t return in time and he got ambushed on his way back to Tempest. Upon seeing the devastating sight, Rimuru was determined to become the Demon Lord to revive them. Rimuru has to collect a vast number of human souls and taking revenge on Falmuth seems like the right call. It was satisfying to watch Rimuru take revenge on them. We also met the three people that also came from the other world that was involved in the attack. They got what they deserved as well, but it’s interesting to know there are other people like Rimuru. Also, Rimuru summoned demons to serve him. Diablo has become one of my favorite characters, he is one hell of a butler 😉 It’s also cute how loyal he is to Rimuru. Raphael’s evolved form was cool too. Glad Rimuru was able to revive everyone and they all got back together. I look forward to next season!

Dr. Stone 2nd Season

I missed Dr. Stone! In this season, Senku’s group was trying to sneak their telephone into Tsukasa’s territory in hopes to convert their people to Senku’s side using Lillian’s voice. I’m amazed by how well Gen impersonated Lillian, but they did not trick the super fan, Nikki. Luckily, she joined their side to spread and protect Lillian’s music. Nikki will make sure they learn everything about becoming the perfect Lillian. So far it seems like most of Tsukasa’s people have joined Senku including Yo and Ukyo. Tsukasa kind of joined them after saving his sister, who knew Tsukasa was such a caring and kind older brother. I’m happy that they reunited, but the happiness did not last long. Tsukasa and Senku got attacked by Hyoga and now they petrified Tsukasa again to try and save him. I also hope he survives and that we can see him again soon. The season ended at a good stop, and I can’t wait to see season 3 with the start of their boat adventure to find out more about the light that petrified them.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2

This season finally finished off the sanctuary part, and we saw some nice character development. We saw Emilia’s past and her aunt Fortuna with Geuse. I was actually shocked to see Geuse in his younger days and he was a kind person. Geuse, Fortuna, and Emilia were living happily until Regulus and Pandora showed up to attack them. Emilia has grown into a stronger character in the end where she supported everyone to keep on going and when Roswaal was giving up after Ram was injured. Another backstory we went into was Roswaal, Echidna, Beatrice, and Ryuzu. Ram had to make Roswaal snap out of his longing for Echidna and got hurt in the process while Subaru kept trying to convince Beatrice to go with him. In the end, everything worked out and they celebrated with Subaru becoming Emilia’s knight. Also, I want to mention that Otto is like the best boy and best friend. He encouraged Subaru to move forward when he was in despair and played an important role in his plan as well. Subaru is lucky to have a friend like him by his side. I enjoyed the season, and it was a nice wrap-up to the story. However, I’m still sad we didn’t see Rem in this season and hopefully, she wakes up soon.


If you want some cute romance this season, then you should try Horimiya! Hori and Miyamura are the complete opposite of each other. Hori is popular at school but is quite modest outside of school while Miyamura is dressed kind of nerdy but turns out to have multiple piercings and tattoos. It seems he was dressed like that in school because he wanted to hide his piercings and tattoos. Their relationship is so cute, and it’s funny whenever Hori asks him to do strange stuff. He even got her family’s approval and proposed to Hori in the final episode already. I hope Tooru and Yuki become an official couple soon. So far, they have confirmed they like each other, but they are still pretending to be a couple. The show was so wholesome and cute.

Kemono Jihen

If you like Shounen Anime then this show is probably right up your alley. Our main character, Kabane, is half-ghoul and half-human. He was taken in by his aunt, who hired someone to kill Kabane because she suspects him as the one killing those animals in the village and knowing he is a monster. Luckily, the person she hired took the time to understand the situation and saw what was happening. He took Kabane back to his Kemono Detective Agency and there he met Akira and Shiki who will become his best friends. We also found out about the mystery of the stone he has been wearing and how there are other stones just like his. From there, I will assume he will go on a journey finding all those stones and once he does he will also find out what happened to his parents. The story does get dark. As we learn about each character, we do learn about a dark past related to them. There are some good fights too, but I am looking forward to watching them all get stronger.

Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority has been an amazing journey. It was definitely one of my favorite this season. We have a group of girls that lost their friend and they are invited to this place where they crack eggs inside their dream. Our main characters are Ai, Neiru, Rika, and Momoe. Within the eggs are people who have died or committed suicide. The show touches on some heavy topics such as harassment, gender, and peer pressured. It was the most shocking when we discover about Frill, who was an AI daughter Acca and Ura-Acca created. After Acca got married, I guess Frill did not feel as loved and it shocked me with what she did to his wife and daughter later on. It must’ve been a terrible experience for Acca to lose both of them like that, and I can’t blame him for hating Frill. As for our main group, they ended up meeting these girls that were created under Frill after they reached the end of the game. Those butterfly girls were scary the way they killed the pets. The season didn’t really finish yet since we have a special episode coming this June which hopefully will wrap everything up. We kind of left off at a cliffhanger where Ai met herself from a parallel world that died and met Kirara afterward. I’m glad to see Ai’s character development since the beginning. She started as someone quiet, shut herself from the outside, and quitted school after losing her friend and bullying. However, she became someone willing to face her fears and return to school, and reach out to others. Some things I’m still confused about is how their injuries inside their dream can directly harm them in the real world. I also hope we can see the group get back together from their fight and hopefully Acca and Ura-Acca can come to a conclusion with Frill. The series was great overall but was a bit dark and touchy topics. If you enjoy this kind of genre, then you should check it out!


If you like skateboarding, then this show is for you! Other than the competition itself, we have a beautiful friendship among the characters Reki, Langa, Joe, and Cherry Blossom. Langa transfers to Reki’s school and Reki introduces him to skateboarding. With his snowboarding skills, Langa became pro at it pretty fast, and even raised in reputation with his alias, Snow. The characters are wholesome. Although Reki and Langa got into a fight later, they reconciled and realize how fun they made skateboarding for each other. I was heartbroken watching them fight. Joe and Cherry Blossom reminds me of the dad and mom while Reki and Langa are like their children. Adam is the main enemy in the show as well as old friends of Cherry Blossom and Joe. It seems he was in a violent household, but skateboarding made his life fun with Tadashi teaching him. In the end, Adam lost to Langa but he showed Adam the fun of skateboarding again. I’m glad everyone is happy again. Overall, I wish there were more competition to see more development with Langa since it felt like he climbed up really fast. However, I still enjoyed the show and the characters. I hope there would be a second season!

Hataraku Saibou Black

This is a spin-off of Hataraku Saibou, and it takes place inside an unhealthy body. The show was pretty dark and depressing throughout and lost many companion and friends. Our main Red Blood Cell worked here expecting a kind environment like in the videos but those were old videos before the body turned for the worse. It seems like a company scam! In reality, the job was full of overwork, grumpy colleagues that were probably exhausted, and danger everywhere. This time the main Red Blood Cell is a guy and the White Blood Cells are beautiful girls. She is always here to the rescue whenever he’s in danger. The Red Blood Cell’s best friend’s death was the saddest part for me. In the end, hard work paid off, and they managed to save the body. However, they get transferred into another body that’s in even worse conditions! I guess there is no break for them. Overall, I enjoyed the dark aspect of the show and I hope for a second season about them in this new body. (I’m shocked how the old body survived after going through all those incidents XD)

Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu

I understand the controversy around this Anime and why some people really hate this Anime. Some characters are disturbing and annoying. Most male characters in this show are pervy and indecent. I also agree that our main character and some other male characters have done or shown doing many inappropriate things that are disturbing and alarming. However, the production of this Anime is quite remarkable. Each episode felt like a movie production level. The animation, the visuals, and the music were like on point and amazing. I didn’t read the novel, so I don’t know did skip a lot from it, but as an Anime only, it didn’t feel rushed or confusing to follow along. There are good character development and growth in our main characters. Sadly, I doubt the next following seasons will make this show more appropriate or our main character more of a gentleman. The show does seem interesting, especially with the war that it mentioned. If you plan to check out the show, watch with caution.

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