Aoppella!? Project

Interested in KLab projects like Lapis Re:Light and Love Live? Well, you’re going to like this one too!

Introducing: The aoppella!? project!

aoppella!? is a school life a cappella project, with units made of high school boys who compete in an a cappella competition, Aoppella, after witnessing a life changing a cappella performance on one special day.

Currently, there are two units: Riruhapi and FAY’M’

リルハピ (Riruhapi)

(from left to right)

Sayo Soenji (VA: Tomoaki Maeno), Michitaka Kariyazono (VA: KENN), Hajime Suzumiya (VA: Ryohei Kimura), Luka Shihou (VA: Tetsuya Kakihara), and Rin Tanba (VA: Ryota Osaka)

Riruhapi is an a cappella group from Otowa Pubic High School formed by their leader Hajime Suzumiya!

Riruhapi’s first single “Playlist”


(from left to right)

Asaharu Soenji (VA: Takuya Satou), Akira Shigaki (VA: Wataru Urata), Mitsuo Ayase (VA: Toshiyuki Toyonaga), Maito Coresawa (VA: Yuki Ono), Yui Nekoyashiki (VA: Daiki Hamano), and Fukami Shinkai (VA: Shugo Nakamura)

FAY’M’ (pronounced feimu/fame) is a talented group formed by a club in Kanadezaka Private High School, lead by their lead vocalist Maito Coresawa!

FAY’M’ first single “Think About U”

As of right now, the aoppella!? project remains a music group, with most of their content shared on their official Youtube channel and official Twitter account

Here’s their Hakujitsu/Pretender cover too!

To find out more about the characters and units, head to their Youtube channel where there are character introductions that you can immerse yourself into!

Personally, I am very excited to see how this project will grow, considering the popularity of other KLab projects! Can’t wait to see what they have in store waiting for us!

Sources: KLab Official Website

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