Pigpen Webtoon Review (Spoiler)

Pigmen is a webtoon by Carnby Kim who also wrote Sweet Home and Bastard. Carnby Kim’s work never fails to attract me to the stories. Pigmen is a psychological, thriller, and horror type of story, and is completed on Webtoon with 67 chapters including the epilogue.


Author: Carnby Kim
Illustrator: Beom Sick Cheon


A relaxing getaway in paradise, or a death trap? A young man wakes up on a breathtaking beach, but he has no idea who he is or how he got there. Try as he might to piece it all together, untangling this mind-bending mystery won’t be easy when every clue leads to more maddening questions… and the family that welcomes him into their home is not what they seem.



Our main character is Jinhyeok, and he ends up on this island after his boat accident where we meet a family. The father, mother, brother known as Minu, older sister known as Romi, and the younger sister known as Yumi. In addition, we see a glimpse of a sixth person who is a young boy named Jinu that was believed to be their youngest son in the beginning. However, that boy was never really seen interacting with the family and had a pig head.

My first reaction to the story was that it would be about a guy with amnesia and a family that was full of murderers. However, this story was such a huge plot twist in every chapter. We see hints of the family being suspicious such as the missing visitors and their behavior, but later we begin to think what if the family was right that Jinhyeok might be the crazy one. The whole time, I keep thinking about which theory was correct. Even after Jinhyeok attempts to kill them, the strange thing was that they didn’t die and showed up again. This led to another thought of what if he was in a coma after the boat crash and this was all in his head. Soon we find out that the way to kill them was with certain weapons on these numbered photos, so Jinhyeok did that and it appeared that he would recover parts of his memory whenever he killed one of the members. In the end, he recovered his memories, and turns out he was a runaway murderer. I was still wondering where he was though because this island definitely did not seem normal as we saw Taehui Jin talking to voices that resent Jinhyeok. I was thinking it could also be a trial that they threw him into to confess his crimes maybe. However, after he recovered his memories, Taehui Jin was about to kill Jinhyeok and we finally discover the truth through flashbacks.

Earlier, we saw Jinu being called Jinhyeok, so this flashback explains everything. It seems this world isn’t real but rather the story was taking place inside Jinhyeok’s mind as he is in a coma in the real world. As a child, Jinhyeok had an abusive father and one day they went to the pigpen where they met a family which was the father, mother, Minu, Romi, Yumi, and Jinu. Despite having the same names as the family we read about, their appearances were much different. Jinhyeok didn’t exactly seem mentally stable, but he had a fixation to become Jinu in this nice family. As a result, he killed Jinu and hid his body inside the pigpen which would explain why he has a fear of pigs.

The family never found the body but got into a car accident while searching for Jinu leaving the father and Jinhyeok as the last ones alive. They pretty much didn’t communicate much afterward, and Jinhyeok became a murderer where he killed a family on an island with the same appearance as the family we have been reading about. He also started imagining people close to him insulting him which drove him to kill them as well. After trying to escape on the boat, he entered a coma. The father wanted to know if Jinhyeok was the one that killed his son and been waiting several years for him to wake up. During this time, there was this headset technology that allowed you to enter some else’s mind and see what they are thinking. However there was a risk of dying in real life, but the father insisted on doing it. Participants can choose a “skin” which was people that person have met in life to enter their mind as. The father chose Taehui Jin, and so he began searching for the truth with the multiple trials of Jinhyeok inside his mind.

This all makes sense with what we have seen. The family had names of the initial family Jinhyeok met but with appearances of the family he killed on the island. The pigpen was due to the guilt of killing Jinu. The voices that Taehui Jin was talking to were the people Jinhyeok killed in his lifetime.

In the end, Jinhyeok’s good side that wanted forgiveness and to accept the punishment awaiting him and his desire to kill side fought each other, but we never saw which of them survived and woke up from the coma. The father found Jinu’s body, so hopefully, they can rest in peace.

I don’t really mind these open-ended endings but I am curious about which of them survived. It was a long twisted journey, but I loved this story and plot. I was mind blown in the end, and I would be excited for a sequel if there was one. I recommend this webtoon if you enjoy these stories, and also check out other works by Carnby Kim.

You can read the story here!

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