How to Be a Princess Manhua Review

Another reincarnation into the body of a princess but our protagonist, Elsa, is fated to be sacrificed to her brother, Ossa. Until one day, Elsa’s life changed upon meeting her father.

How to Be a Princess - WeComics

Author: Liang Zhi Mao


As a fan of stories involving magic and fantasy, this story certainly caught my eyes. I thought the story would be about Elsa’s development with her father like in Suddenly, I Became a Princess or Daughter of the Emperor, however, she separated from her father for a while and took a different path in learning magic. Who knew that her cultivation skills from her past life would come in handy as magic in this life. Her moments with her father are just wholesome, and I believe that now his father can’t bear to sacrifice her for his son, Ossa. When Ossa’s curse acted up, he hesitated to use her as the last option so I hope they can bring back the artifact from the inhumans. As for Elsa, I find it unique that she lived her past life as a cultivator. I am also cheering for Andri and Blair. Both are good option, but I feel like Elsa may choose Andri in the end. Levy and Karsan’s relationship is my favorite. They are like overprotective parents watching Elsa. We also find out that the last great mage was also from the cultivation world. Could this be a coincidence or was there a purpose for Elsa coming to this world? What other obstacles will Elsa and her group face during their mission? I recommend checking out this story if you are into some wholesome moments, romance, and fantasy! 

You can check it out on WeComics!

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