Piofiore: Fated Memories Otome Game- Yang Route Review

Every story needs to have that one dangerous and bad guy!

Yang is the head of the Lao Shu, a Chinese mafia part of the Liu Huang Hui. He is a mysterious and cunning man behind that smile. Not to mention, he gets bored easily with everything except Lili. During Nicola’s route, we can see how manipulative he can be with how he twisted the story around to instigate Roberto to take action. In Yang’s route, Lili gets kidnapped on her way back to the Church, and it is revealed that the Lao Shu has been abducting women of similar features to Lili. And Yang says he kidnapped her because he was curious about the woman the Falzone has been protecting behind the scenes. Now, there weren’t many spoilers about the whole Church plot and Lili’s relationship with the Falzone, all we know is that she was important to the Falzone.

I played Yang as my second route, and I liked how there wasn’t much spoiler for future routes. I did enjoy the thrill, but there was some sensitive content in this route containing drugs and trafficking. There were also many scenes with Yang, so we can see some romance. In addition, he can be somewhat of a tsundere like when he bought you back a dress and a panda after he made you upset. As the story goes, he can be pretty nice sometimes, but he is still a mafia. The best end was satisfying, and the fight between him and the Visconti was epic. I think that was my favorite battle scene in the game. As for the bad end, it was a blow to the heart after what he said, and the normal end just made me tear up instead. Some may like this route and some may not, but that’s ok! If so, then prepare for a roller coaster of emotions.

Image source and for more information, you can visit Aksys Games!

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