Wave!!: Surfing Yappe!! Ep. 1 (Spoilers!)

Another anime with the power of the transfer student.

Masaki is a normal middle school student who has an interest in surfing. (Note: middle school)

Shou is also a normal middle school student, except he is very good at surfing.

So when Masaki was jogging by the ocean one day and saw Shou surfing, Masaki’s eyes were glued to Shou immediately. Then the same morning at school, Shou gets introduced to Masaki’s class as the transfer student.

Shou instantly recognized Masaki as the boy from the beach and asked if Masaki would like to join. Masaki’s friend, Nalu, was with them and immediately said that Masaki doesn’t surf. To Nalu’s surprise, Masaki cut him off and agreed to go, leaving Nalu a little hurt since Masaki has rejected Nalu’s invitation many times.

Anyways, the three of them went to the “Fantasy Island” surf shop after school and that’s when Masaki’s surfing adventure began!

At the ocean, Shou teaches Masaki how to do the basics (standing on the board, paddling, etc). Both Nalu and Shou didn’t expect Masaki to be able to stand on the board on his first try, after all, it was super hard and requires a lot of practice. But, Masaki ended up standing on the board on his first try, shocking both Shou and Nalu, who were watching Masaki.


I originally watched Wave!!: Surfing Yappe!! because I am a fan of Shou (VA Ogasawara Jin), Nalu (VA Nakajima Yoshiki), Kousuke (VA Satou Takuya), and Yutua’s (VA Yuusuke Shirai) voice actors (Kousuke and Yutua to be introduced later in the anime). But especially Shou’s voice actor since he comes from the ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! series (Ogajin voices Nayuta from Gyroaxia).

Anyways, after watching the first episode, I was hooked. Surfing looked really fun from the way Masaki, Shou, and Nalu did it. Although it seems really hard, it really made me want to learn how to surf. There are only two episodes out at the moment, but I really look forward to watching Masaki grow as a surfer and eventually participate in surfing contests!

Another thing… Shou, Masaki, and Nalu are all middle school kids. Yes, middle school kids. I was so surprised when talked about it because they, in fact, do not look like middle school students. Then I felt very unaccomplished since all of them are out there surfing and I’m sitting out home watching them surf while eating snacks. But that’s ok! I do a lot of internet and anime surfing uwu

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