Piofiore: Fated Memories Otome Game – Nicola Route Review

If you think a man that always carries a smile on his face is as pure as an angel, well not anymore because this man is the opposite of a saint.

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Nicola Francesca is the underboss of the Falzone Family, and Dante’s cousin. He is a gentlemen, one that would be popular with women. However, although he is always smiling and acting carefree, there is another side to him. In Nicola’s route, Lili was rescued by him when she was ambushed by the Lao Shu men. This led to her staying under the Falzone’s care where Nicola tended to her needs, and they got closer to each other through small interactions. Later, Nicola betrayed the Falzone for a certain reason, but he had no bad intention. The reason was linked to Dante, and it shows how much he cares for him like a brother.

The bad end portrayed Nicola’s yandere tendencies, and was rather dark. I did not expect that to happen especially since I thought I was going towards a good ending. On the other hand, best end was romantic, and everyone was happy other than the defeated Lao Shu. Without further spoilers, this route was a good introduction to the game as my first route. It didn’t reveal too much about the Church and the birthmark on Lili’s chest, but gave enough information about the three mafia groups.

Image source and for more information, you can visit Aksys Games!

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