Fall Anime 2020 Overall thoughts (**Spoilers**) Part 2

Here is part 2 of the Anime that have wrapped up this season. Although not all has confirmed a next season, we are looking forward to those that did.


Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

Aiya: This show did not exactly live up to my expectation, but it had a promising plot. I thought we would see more action, but it seemed to be going at a slower pace. We do see some romance between Alice and Iska most of the time such as how they always cross paths wherever they go, and the time when she supposedly kidnapped him. However, I did not expect the pink hair girl Iska saved at the beginning to be Alice’s sister, Sisbell. Seems he got himself two girls now! I am curious to know more about Lord Mask and Salinger.

Yume: The anime ended on a cliffhanger, so there might be a Season 2 coming soon. The anime itself is quite classic, nothing really new. Our two main characters come from different sides that hate each other, but they don’t want this hate or war to continue between the 2 sides. The romance between Iska and Alice was cute, but I hope they confess soon. It can get annoying when they obviously like each other but they refuse to admit it and like everyone knows they like each other already. Iska also has other girls waiting on him so Alice better step up her game.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen

Yume: I didn’t read the novel, so I can only give my thoughts on the Anime. I watch Season 1 when it was released so it has been some time. This season was not bad, but it had a lot of explaining and was kind of info heavy. I think Season 1 had more action than this season, so you really have to take time to digest everything that was happening this season. Toward the ending we got more action and it was interesting watching them catch the parasites and dealing with the terrorist attack. This season we also confirmed Miyuki’s feelings toward his brother and she definitely likes him more than as a brother. Another thing that surprised me was how much more involved the side characters were compared to Season 1. Like we get to see more of Honoka, Mikihiko, and Mizuki in action compare to season 1. I think season 2 wrapped up nicely and was setup as a good transition if there’s a season 3.

Kamisama ni Natta hi (The Day I Became a God)

Aiya: It was a touching ending! In the beginning, I was thinking this world was a virtual place, or maybe Youta was dead and Hina might be a real god. However, the truth is that Hina had an incurable illness and was left by her family. The reason that Hina was able to move and think properly was all because of this high tech chip that was in her brain. After the higher-ups removed the chip that enabled Hina to live a normal life, she was no longer herself and could not properly function. It was sweet how Youta sneaked into the facility in hopes to help Hina remember him and take her back. At last, after countless struggles, Youta managed to get Hina back before he left. Right when he was about to leave, Hina cries out his name, and Youta realizes Hina always knew he was there next to her. I’m happy everyone had a good end, and Hina came back home. Although the show was short and there weren’t as many episodes of Youta and Hina together, we can see he truly cares for her.

Yume: It was a heartwarming ending. Overall, the anime was good. It didn’t exactly met my expectation, but that’s because I was told this Anime is going to be very depressing and is going to make us cry beforehand that I set quite a high expectation for it. There were some touching scenes that made me feel emotional like the episode about Izanami’s mother and some scenes between Youta and Hina like Hina calling Youta’s name and running toward him in the last episode. I actually didn’t think we get a happy ending, I was expecting that Hina might die or something. However, not complaining, I did enjoy that happy ending. Although Hina is not cured or back to normal, at least she is surrounded by people that loves her and she is having fun.

Akudama Drive

Aiya: Akudama Drive has been my favorite Anime this season! Right about midway to the show, the deaths of the characters were unexpected since I thought maybe they would become close friends with each other. Instead, we find out the cruel reality that Cutthroat is still a murderer, and has been wanting to kill Swindler all along. Then, Doctor was a traitor and part of the reason Brawler died, and Kanto was not how it was supposed to be. Every time Hoodlum thought of Brawler, it made me sad thinking of their past friendship and how Brawler always believed in his bluffs. I’m glad Hoodlum took revenge on the Doctor at least, and I think she deserves it for what she did. Although Hacker left us early in the show, he died as a hero in the end by risking himself to save the kids. The truth about Kanto was quite shocking though. I was thinking it would be a dystopia or maybe it didn’t exist at all, but it was just a place filled with data. Regardless, at least the kids survived and all their sacrifices were not in vain. May they rest in peace!

Yume: Akudama Drive was definitely one of my favorite Anime this season too. Especially, it was fresh because our main characters beside swindler all started out being known as criminals and murderers. However, as we follow them on this mission to take the cat to its destination, we slowly realize how mess up the world or the environment they were in. The police and the Executioners were as bad as the Akudama (the criminals). I was shock that the way they silenced a protest was to kill off all the protestors. (I mean at that point you might as well just kill everyone in the city or in the area.) It was a bittersweet ending, but I still enjoyed it. Overall, it was a interesting and action pack show.

Munou na Nana (Talentless Nana)

Aiya: Munou na Nana has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me, especially at the end. At first, we knew she was sent here to kill people with talent who were known as enemies of humanity. As we watch the show, Nana met Michiru, and she began to open up near the end where we learn about her background. I can understand why she hates people with talent because one of them killed her parents, but of course, it’s wrong to kill all people with talent. I think she has started to question her actions after meeting Michiru. The ending hit hard with what happened to Michiru after Nana finally made a friend. I hope there will be a second season where Nana can change for the better.

Yume: Munou na Nana was another really interesting show. First episode threw such a twist at us. However, I do agree that after the 3rd and 4th kill, it does feel a little repetitive, like we all know Nana is not going to get exposed. However, everyone else beside Nana, Kyouya, and Jin were quite low on IQ. Like they have a strong power or they have the power to expose Nana for killing other students, but they still fail horribly and gets killed. The last episode did get me emotional for Michiru. She was really innocent and naïve, but it was those characteristics that slowly changed Nana. Made her question are those with powers really enemies of humanity. From what’s shown, there is a high chance Nana is being manipulated and her memory of what happen to her parents might have been messed with. I hope there is a season 2 because I think things are to get better from this point on.

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Aiya: This show was also wholesome this season with Yuna and her bear adventure. She has met many new people and brought more modern food over. Yuna even opened her restaurant with the help of the people she met. Also, I enjoyed the character development with Yuna and Fina at the end with Fina revealing her troubles and them talking it out. Can’t wait for season 2!

Yume: This was a very cute and wholesome show. If you are looking for something relaxing and chill to watch this could be something to consider. Basically, Yuna is so over powered and amazing, who doesn’t love her and want to hang out with her. Fina, her first friend in that world was starting to feel cast a side and not good enough to be with Yuna. She also feels kind of jealous of those that are gaining Yuna’s attention. However, they both confess how they were feeling and made up in the end. Happy Ending! Season 2 been announced too.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Aiya: Overall, the show was alright, and it touched on a lot of relevant topics today such as single mothers, and harsh working conditions. There weren’t any real fights that occurred since they were usually resolved before anything happened. I did not expect Isogai to betray them, though it’s understandable that he has a grudge against some members of Red Angel. Luckily, Makoto recorded evidence and showed it to everyone. It was a close call for Takashi, if he had died from that stab I would be quite sad as well. I wonder why the Red Angel disbanded though, they were a great addition to the show.

Yume: Same as Aiya, the Anime was alright. However, it wasn’t what I was expecting when I first saw it. I thought this Anime was about gangsters or territory war and such, but this show actually follows Makoto, who has connections with the gangsters and the police force and helps people at Ikebukuro revolving working conditions, scams, etc. He is also like a mediator for gangsters. We got like a happy ending where everything is resolved and life continues on.

Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle

Aiya: This show got a lot more serious near the end. We find out that the Party of Words held these division battles to find people to use for their bidding. It was nice watching them work together at the end to defeat Secret Aliens. I also liked Secret Alien’s song, it’s very catchy and Iris’s voice made a great addition to it. My favorite character was Jakurai and Doppo. I feel bad that Doppo is always caught in a crime, and even the new friend he made was a criminal. If we get another season, I would love to get more details about their background, and what they did to go against each other.

Yume: I feel like some of the reasons you will be watching this Anime will either you were already a fan or is for the visuals and the songs. I think all the groups were good in their own way. Members of each team work great together and I love their bond. I don’t know do I have a favorite team, but I feel like the Anime explained or focused on Buster Bros!!! a little more than the other teams so I am leaning a bit more towards them. I like how the Buster Bros’s brothers got each other back and the two younger brothers are so cute how they look up to their older brother. I am sad that they lost, but that didn’t keep them down. There is also a somewhat serious plot in the background about how the country is governed and how the system works. The way the show ended it looks like they are setting it up for another season.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai

Aiya: One thing I really enjoyed about this show was each character’s story. They were relatable to most of us such as not wanting to get hated, and having troubles expressing ourselves. I also want to mention their solo performance was great, and I loved their music.

A3! Season Autumn & Winter

Aiya: This season was definitely my favorite. We have autumn troupe that started with conflicts, and fights but they resolved it in the end. I feel bad for Omi and Nanao, they are like the children in a group full of wolves. Sakyo was a great addition to the team, and he was acting like a father controlling the kids. Winter troupe had so many good looking people and attracted a more mature audience. Their introduction was quite funny when Azuma said he was a professional cuddler. Watching Tsumugi and Tasuku’s friendship was touching and it was even better watching their performance. The music and acting were beautiful! I hope they get another season for the Fleur award.

Magatsu Wahrheit: Zuerst

Aiya: For a game adaptation, this series went beyond my expectation. I thought they would rush things or the plot might become bland since games usually do their prologue for the season (Thinking about Shironeko Project Anime). However, we had some nice character development with Innumael, who was dragged into a weapon smuggling incident and had his life changed afterward. The Empire was not exactly all good either, and it was nice seeing that commander get what he deserved. Now we have discovered human experiments with luminosis that’s been transforming them into monsters. In the end, there was such a cliffhanger. How did Innumael survive after Leo left? And now they picked up the king’s daughter on the streets. I also hope this show gets another season, and that they can reunite with the others.


Aiya: Another webtoon adaptation! I enjoyed the show, and it’s funny how Rai has so few lines. It’s like they have to read his thoughts for answers. However, when Rai fights, he is OP and the enemies can’t even hurt him. I wish the backstory was longer, but I’m glad he is living a nicer life now rather than staring out his house all day. The season wrapped up with resolving the Lord’s conflict, they probably didn’t have to fight even. I also agree that if you have not read the webtoon, you should check it out!

Yume: The anime was not bad. I mean like most Manga or Webtoon adaptions, it is expected that they will skip or change some stuff from the original. I kind of wish they started the Anime from chapter 1 instead of referring to the OVA that they did. I mean the OVA looked great, but it scans through a lot of stuff and development. The OVA covered about over 60+ chapters. The anime also ended somewhat differently from the Webtoon. They didn’t get into Dr. Crombel like the Webtoon did when it ended it’s 2nd season. I do think the Webtoon was more interesting and have more development of the characters, so definitely check out the webtoon if you want to know the story and characters better.

Tsukiuta. The Animation 2

Aiya: This season felt more slice of life as an idol. I enjoyed the backstories for each character, and it’s funny how they knew each other back then. Could it be fate? We didn’t really see any performance till the end of the festival, but I loved their joint concert between the two groups.

Yume: Compare to season 1, this season focuses on both idol groups planning for the Full Moon Festival. We also went into each member’s backstory from both idol groups like learning about their family and dreams and goals. The last episode was like a concert video or a long music video. Everyone’s solo was good, but I really love the ending joint performance from both of them. I love the CGI used and the song.

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