Fall Anime 2020 Overall thoughts (**Spoilers**) Part 1

There were quite a good amount of Anime this season. It’s been fun watching some of them, so we will talk about our thoughts below on each of the shows we have watched!

Fire Force Season 2

Aiya: It has been a long journey! I’m glad we got to see more of Joker and Benimaru in this season, and they make a great duo. My most memorable moment of them was when Benimaru charged into the Holy Sol Temple and said, “I’m not Benimaru Shinmon. I’m Shinmon Benimaru.” I’m glad we saw Arthur and Shinra train a bit at the end, think they needed more training to defeat the White Clad. It was some… unique training I gotta say. Arthur always brings a good laugh to the show like when he knew Pi without really knowing what it was, and the guide on how to take care of Arthur when he worked with Company 2.

Yume: The last ep wrapped up nicely, especially with playing opening 1 from Fire Force S1 at the end. It really made us think back on how much everyone has been through. We did see that through Benimaru’s tough training, both Shinra and Arthur were able to go beyond their limit and display blue flames too. I wonder how much stronger they have gotten. Overall, season 2 has been fun. We learned a couple of new things from this season like there is someone inside the Amaterasu and that the people of the Holy Sol Temple may be evil too. For me, Season 2 was really here to introduce to us new characters, getting some character’s background information, and setting up the climax.

Tonikaku Kawaii

Aiya: This Anime was heartwarming, and cute in every way. Although her sister, Chitose, appeared to be quite annoying earlier in the show, she’s not a bad person and cares for Tsukasa. It was funny how Aya was so dense about Nasa’s marriage even after all the clues pointed towards her. Her mother had to reveal their relationship for Aya to understand. Nasa’s personality is also likable, he’s straightforward and knows what he wants.

Yume: If you love Romcom, I definitely recommend this Anime. Besides being funny, this show is super cute and lovey-dovey. Nasa and Tsukasa’s relationship is wholesome and sweet. I especially love how straightforward Nasa is like he will openly tell his wife he wants to kiss her or want to share a bed with her. The last ep besides being sweet we can also see how much closer they have gotten as they are being more intimate. Not sure is this Anime supernatural, since they keep hinting to us Tsukasa might not be human, maybe she is the Moon Princess or the real Kaguya-Hime.

Majo no Tabitabi (Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina)

Aiya: Elaina’s journey was full of excitement and some darkness mixed between the show. At first, I was expecting the show to be relaxing, but the dark episodes proved me wrong starting with the story of the village chief maid. In the final episode, I loved meeting all the different Elaina. Perhaps Saya would have yearned to be in her position if she could. I hope there is another season about the new girl we meet at the end, Amnesia.

Yume: I wasn’t expecting much from this show when I first watched it, but it really caught my interest as I continued. Some episodes were wholesome and some were quite dark. I thought the last ep wrapped up nicely here with Elaina meeting her other selves and facing some of her emotions or feeling she had in her past journeys. The ending might be hinting a season 2 with Eliana meeting this girl name Amnesia who will be traveling with her.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives

Aiya: The season ended with the introduction to a new character joining their team. I can’t wait for another season with more characters. I do like Yotsuya’s personality, that he can be evil and he’s not a righteous person. Later, we discovered that the world they were in is another world and those NPC were real people. Even after Yotsuya found out he killed real people, he did not seem disturbed by the thought.

Yume: I do feel like this show is quite underrated or too harshly judge. It is not a bad Isekai Anime. Our main character, Yotsuya, it is kind of like Naofumi from The Rising of the Shield Hero or Hajime from Arifureta. In the beginning he already told us he is not your typical hero here to save the world or everyone. He does what he needs to stay alive and he will save those he thinks deserve to be saved. The last ep reminded us of that and I am glad he didn’t change into a soft character. He is a selfish person and his logic is crazy, but that is what makes him interesting. He might be psycho! The new players joining seem interesting and those girls we do see development in their character, but not in their power. I do hope they level up and can be more of a help in fights later. Looking forward to season 2.

Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko

Aiya: I enjoyed this isekai slice of life type of show. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual getting isekai’d and defeating the demon lord type of thing. Ryouma even opened his own laundry shop with his slimes, and now Elia is returning to school. If there is another season, I would love to see them grown up, and see how they become.

Yume: This Anime is a very chill and kind of a cute show. If you are bored and just want to watch something relaxing and with not much thinking this is probably perfect. It follows along the everyday life of Ryouma who was isekai to another world. We ended on Eliaria and Ryouma parting ways with her going far away for school and Ryouma continue doing his own thing. Not sure are they planning a season 2, but they promise to meet each other 3 years later.

Yuukoku no Moriarty

Aiya: This has been one of my favorite Anime this season, and I can’t wait for the second part to return with more of William and Holmes. The final episode displayed the different methods of justice between these two characters, with William using ways outside the laws to solve cases. It’s funny watching Louis be jealous of Holmes acting all close with his brother. Not to mention, all the characters are visually attractive! I wonder who the guy in the final episode was, and if he’s related to Sherlock. I can’t wait to meet all the new characters!

Yume: Overall, I enjoyed this Anime. I was told William is supposed to be like an evil villain, but watching this show from his perspective I don’t feel that way at all. I mean he can be considered an antihero, but he is not like a psycho manipulating people for fun. He does want to help people, but he just uses unconventional methods. So far everyone that was killed deserves it. They were murderers and terrible people themselves. If William didn’t help those people get revenge on those nobles, they probably would never get the justice they deserve. Looking forward to season 2!

Maoujou de Oyasumi (Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle)

Aiya: This Anime has brought laughter for me. Instead of watching the hero side trying to rescue the princess, we see more of the demons getting tortured by her. The princess is persistent on her mission to create the perfect bed, and it’s funny how she always turns the demon castle upside down doing so. I don’t think she’s a hostage even since she does whatever she wants in the castle. I also did not expect the hero to be her fiancé, and that he’s a nightmare for her. There was also some heart touching like when Harpy wanted to be her friend, and how everyone is like her parents. I will miss this show and the adorable bear demons!

Yume: This has been a very fun and cute Anime. Princess Sya’s weird sleeping methods always make us laugh. Although the demons kidnapped her they technically treat her better than themselves sometimes. All the demons in the castle treat her like a princess and like a family member. In reality, they care more about the Princess’s safety than the devices she breaks. Also, they get weak toward the Princess’s puppy eyes and pouts. Sometimes they are like overprotective guardians and they spoil her too much. In the end, the demons are really wholesome. I am not sure in the last episode was Sya’s mother faking it when she thought the succubus was her because if she really didn’t recognize her, then that’s kind of sad. Is nice how they ended the show on a Christmas episode since is going to be Christmas in a couple days too.

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