Medical Return

Here’s another great medical manhwa!

Medical Return is about a man who was an unsuccessful doctor. He got betrayed and ended up losing everything, his wife, his job, everything. However, a woman comes by when Kim JiHyun, the main character, was wallowing in his despair. That woman was someone he had saved before. She grants him a second life, asking what he wants. Kim JiHyun replied with something along the lines of “I want to be a proud husband and a good doctor” (or something like that).

His soul then gets sent back into the past, back to when he was a high schooler, and his story starts again. This time, he has the experience needed to be a successful doctor and have a successful life.


Medical Return reminds me a lot of Doctor Elise. Both of them have failed in their life at some point and is given a second chance to redeem themselves. Kim JiHyun failed once and is given a second chance. He uses his future knowledge to take advantage of many situations, such as playing in the stock market. He realizes that he knows which companies will strike it rich and would invest in them, allowing him to make a lot of money (man I wish I had that ability too).

He also has a lot of previous medical knowledge. In his previous life, he was in internal medicine and he was a surgeon. And I guess it’s hard to hide the fact that he has previous knowledge because people call him a monster doctor. JiHyun tends to forget that he’s supposed to be a beginner and just sometimes takes over as a lead surgeon. Many of the doctors in internal medicine are fighting over JiHyun and that’s so funny.

In the beginning, many people hated JiHyun because he seemed like a stuck up person. But then JiHyun proves to them his ability and suddenly he’s revered like a god.

However. JiHyun is the most clueless person in the entire world. He may have amazing abilities as a doctor, but man. He really doesn’t know when someone likes him.

Lee Haemi, is one of JiHyun’s classmate. She has liked him for a looong time. Seems very obvious to the readers, but JiHyun never picks up on it. He’s way too obsessed over his previous life. (Team Haemi let’s goooo!)

I really like this manhwa because it’s very realistic. It shows readers what it’s like to be a surgeon/doctor in the medical field. So if you’re interested, do go check out Medical Return! It’s definitely worth a read!

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