Drama Throwback: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Scarlet Heart Ryeo is one of the rare dramas that managed to bring me to complete tears.

This drama is a roller-coaster of emotion. It can swing from happy to sad in the span of maybe a couple minutes. But Scarlet Heart Ryeo is definitely a good drama for binging. It was a good watch for me, especially because I wasn’t allowed out the house, so I was able to watch episode after episode.

This story starts out with a girl, who was suddenly thrown into a terrible debt because of her cheating boyfriend. She goes to save a child who fell into a lake and lost her life.

She then gets transmigrated into Goryeo, an ancient Korean Empire. She becomes a 16 year old girl named Hae Soo, and is tossed into a huge political war among princes of Goryeo.

This drama is interesting because it’s based off actual historical events. Scarlet Heart Ryeo is based off ancient Korea, an empire called Goryeo. To most cases, it’s historically accurate, from Taejo’s reign to Gwangjong’s fight to ascend to the throne.It also taught me a lot about how the monarchy system worked back in Goryeo.

Hae Soo, the female lead, is the cousin of Myung Hee, the wife of the 8th Prince. Thus, she spends a lot of time with the princes of Goryeo. Being the pure and steadfast person she is, she helps the princes whenever they are in trouble.

That being said, of course the princes fall in love with her. Even the rumored cold-blooded 4th Prince falls in love with her steadfast demeanor.

But that leads to a lot of decisions for Hae Soo to make. If she chooses one over everyone else, she will lose the friendships that she has with the others.

To me, this drama really brought me to tears. Every time someone close to Hae Soo dies,I also start dying on the inside. This girl witnessed the deaths of many people, from traitors to loved ones. And if you think that it’s easy, it’s really not.

Imagine watching a friend, a mother figure, a family member, all die. It’s no surprise that Hae Soo has moments where she breaks down too. After all, nobody can witness all that happen and still be healthy.

However, Hae Soo doesn’t give up on her values. No matter what she saw, her beliefs never changed. She is still the same steadfast and trustworthy person that her friends can lean on. Those who were once super close to her have all changed. She has adjusted her views to understand that. But to her friends, she is still someone who will reach out a hand to help.

The princes can get rather confusing at times, since there are SO many of them. But all of them have different personalities and is rather easy to identify based on their motives. (honestly I don’t even know most of their names… I just know them based on their ambitions and motives…)

The male lead is the 4th Prince hahahah. Although it might not seem that way in the beginning. The 4th Prince, Wang So, will eventually outshine the other princes and it’s easy to tell that whoever you were expecting to be the male lead (if not already the 4th Prince) is the incorrect person.

Ahhhh this drama made me cry so much… I even know what’s going to happen since it’s rather easy to predict. And I still cry. That (to me) is how good this drama is.

I decided to not touch so much on the plot since it’s suuuuper complicated. If you don’t want the actual drama to be ruined for you (first, you wouldn’t have read this post) you can go check out the historical information on Goryeo for a good heads up on what to expect.

I added some cute bts scenes too 😀 Enjoy!

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