Top Glory

Every story has it’s own unique backstory.

If you’ve read or watched The King’s Avatar, then you know about Ye Xiu’s glory and Happy’s journey to the top. But what you don’t know is what happened before Happy formed. Butterfly Blue may have touched on it briefly in the main novel, but there are still many unknowns. Like how Ye Xiu met Han WenQing or the formation of Team Hundred Blossoms. Want answers to those mysteries? Well you don’t have to look any further.

May I present to you: The King’s Avatar’s prequel!

“Top Glory”

“Top Glory” is a collection of individual chapters that expands on the backstories of characters from The King’s Avatar. Su MuQiu’s story, Han WenQing’s story, it’s all there!

This mini-series helps Butterfly Blue create rounder side characters through telling their past stories. This is really cool since authors don’t usually do this kind of stuff.

If Tencent ever decides to animate Top Glory, I would be super happy (bc I would finally be able to see MuQiu).

This mini-series is super cool and adds background information towards the side characters from TKA. I think it’s worth a read, what do you think?

The post is kind of short this week because I can’t exactly say anything more without spoiling anything ahhaha.

This post was supposed to be published earlier, but it’s been buried under all my other drafts hahaha

None of these images are ours!

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