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May 2021 Anime Collaborations and Pop-up Store Events

1. Tokyo Revengers x Animate Cafe Event Period: May 19 - June 21 (The event has been postponed for the time being)Website: https://cafe.animate.co.jp/event/tokyo-revengers-anime2105/?event_shop=Description: Tokyo Revengers has become a pretty popular anime this season! Now fans can celebrate the show in their collaboration with Animate Cafe. They will release further details on the event since it … Continue reading May 2021 Anime Collaborations and Pop-up Store Events

HiStory2: Boundary Crossing

This post contains heavy spoilers! If you're uncomfortable with BL, you might want to skip over this post. HiStory2: Boundary Crossing is a story under HiStory, a popular Taiwanese BL series. Boundary Crossing is one of the three(?) stories in the second season. This story centers around an injured volleyball player, who can no longer … Continue reading HiStory2: Boundary Crossing