HiStory2: Boundary Crossing

This post contains heavy spoilers! If you’re uncomfortable with BL, you might want to skip over this post.

HiStory2: Boundary Crossing is a story under HiStory, a popular Taiwanese BL series. Boundary Crossing is one of the three(?) stories in the second season.

This story centers around an injured volleyball player, who can no longer play volleyball but still stays with the team as a coach. He meets a new transfer student who has the potential to be a star, and he works together with the team captain to bring the boy into the team.

The injured volleyball player, Qiu ZiXuan, was a top star. He has won many recognitions from rivals and volleyball officials. However, he falls short of the championship trophy when he gravely injured his knee. But he never gave up on his dream. He became the coach of the volleyball team in hopes on guiding the team to their goal.

The transfer student, Xia YuHao, is actually a good kid. He got expelled from his old school due to a fight. However, what nobody knows is that he did it to defend a girl from being bullied. His reputation has been painted black from that day and everybody keeps their distance from him.

This short 8 episode drama focuses on YuHao and ZiXuan’s relationship as ZiXuan gives YuHao special training for prepping YuHao for their mock game. Then it developed into something more 😉

the rival team is mocking a wing spiker from ZiXuan’s team :’)

This drama actually reminds me a lot of a Haikyuu fanfiction, if you know what I mean. Volleyball, check. Two guys, check. Love story?!

This drama is definitely worth a try if you want some fluffy moments. However, this drama also includes more serious moments like when they talk about ZiXuan’s injury (although the injury does lead to more relationship development haha).

There is also a second couple in this drama, although they’re more of a side couple.

The side couple’s dynamic is rather weird. Since the two of them are adopted siblings. They’re brothers without the blood relationship between them. However, the older one sees the younger one more as a brother, which makes this pairing quite interesting.

The younger brother, Wang ZhenWen, liked his older brother, Wan ZhenWu for quite a while before working up the courage to confess (when ZhenWu was “asleep”) despite believing that they wouldn’t work out. Much to his surprise, his brother sort of(?) reciprocates his feelings and they decide to let time do it’s magic on their gradually changing relationship.

This drama is super cute! The actors seem to all have good chemistry and the BL aspect doesn’t seem awkward at all! The most they do is kiss in the drama, so I think it’s pretty PG-13. If you’re interested in the plot and don’t want to watch the kissing scenes, you can skip over them! Those scenes are only show up once or twice, so it should be safe to skipover without missing too much content.

You should definitely check out this drama if you like Haikyuu and ship the characters in it AHAHA. Just kidding! But I mean, I certainly think it was worth a watch!

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