We Meet Again, Miss Lou Manhua Review

The Lou family has been suppressed by the Mu family for some time now. Our protagonist, Lou MiYin, is the Lou family’s daughter, and a agent that goes on missions. It so happens that during one of her mission to retrieve file 0, she meets the male lead who is the son of the Mu family, Mu FeiYan. Now undercovered in BeiYang Military Academy as a guy named Yu Xiao in order to find the location of an underground slave market, she coincidentally encounters FeiYan again. Will he recognize her through this disguise and realize that she’s the one that stole file 0 from him?


We Meet Again, Miss Lou is a new Manhua by Hong Jun. So far, I am enjoying the storyline and I can’t wait to find out what file 0 contains for both families to be so eager to obtain it. To be honest, my favorite character is Xue QingYang, who is the one that taught martial arts to MiYin from a young age. As mentioned in one of the chapters, I also wonder why he chose to work in a Theater when he’s so strong and good looking? He seems to have a secret identity, and I’m dying to know more about him, but then again he’s not the main lead. It seems FeiYan has began to suspect Yu Xiao as the daughter of the Lou family, so it will be fun to see how he tries to find out if Yu Xiao’s really a girl.

Overall, I recommend to give this manhua a shot! I liked the change plot instead of the typical girl that’s fighting for revenge within in a household. Let me know how it goes for you, and hopefully this will be added to your reading collection!

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