Itaewon Class Ep. 1-10 Recap (Spoilers)

I’m going to do my best to recap the 10 long episodes of Itaewon Class. Whew, a lot of things went down in Itaewon Class in the first 10 episodes, so here we gooooo.

Itaewon Class is about an aspiring police officer called Park Seo-Ro-Yi. However, life didn’t go his way.

Early in the first episode, Seo-Ro-Yi transferred schools during his senior year and meets a girl called Oh Soo-Ah. Oh Soo-Ah grew up in the orphanage that Seo-Ro-Yi’s father’s company sponsors. He falls for Soo-Ah. (that’s an important detail to remember for this drama)

However, on Seo-Ro-Yi’s first day at his new school, he fights the famous school bully, Jang Geun-Won. Jang Geun-Won’s father is the CEO of the JangGo Co. and therefore has a lot of power. Seo-Ro-Yi gets expelled on his first day and his father loses his job.

From there, Seo-Ro-Yi’s father works had to start his own business. Seo-Ro-Yi works with his father, having all that time from not going to school.

However one day, his father died in a hit-and-run accident, and from there Seo-Ro-Yi’s life changed for the worst.

Seo-Ro-Yi got sent to jail for 3 years for assualt. Who did he assult you ask? The person who killed his dad of course. Jang Geun-Won.

However, Jang Geun-Won’s father managed to get Geun-Won out of his situation without any penalties, while Seo-Ro-Yi went to jail for 3 years. Unfair no?

Well he comes out after 3 years and becomes a deep sea fisher, to help him get some money before he starts his business. He can no longer be a police officer because he is an ex-convict (sadly).

At around the same time, Soo-Ah gets hired at JangGa Co. And she begins working for the very people Seo-Ro-Yi swore to destroy. Which he is surprisingly fine with, saying that it’s her life and she should make her own decisions.

After Seo-Ro-Yi’s adventure with deep sea fishing and all the manual labor, he opens his own pub, DanBam.

A lot goes down at DanBam. And it pretty exciting to see it all go down. DanBam helped connect the members of IC (Itaewon Class).

DanBam started with just Seo-Ro-Yi, Hyun-Yi, and Seung-Kwon. Business there was origincally bad. They were running on deficit the entire time. However, when Geun-Soo and Yi-Seo joins their team, they manage to pull their sales up. Yi-Seo’s online marketing tactic and Geun-Soo’s handsome face helped boost business at DanBam.

However, their sales boost started to worry JangGa, Chairman Jang started keeping an eye on DanBam and Seo-Ro-Yi. That’s a good thing.

To take down the current chairman (Jang Geun-Won’s father), Seo-Ro-Yi teamed up with Director Kang from JangGa to help her snatch the position of chairwoman.

Her condition for teaming up with Seo-Ro-Yi was to get Chairman Jang to eat at his pub.

Anyways, Chairman Jang goes to eat at DanBam, which secures the deal between Director Kang and Seo-Ro-Yi.

With Seo-Ro-Yi backing Director Kang, she starts attacking Chairman Jang as soon as Geun-Won makes a mistake – admitting his involvement with the hit-and-run accident all those years ago.

Director Kang and Seo-Ro-Yi’s plan was to have Chairman Jang pick between his company and his own son. (They were betting on Chairman Jang picking his son). However, Chairman Jang shows his indifference and sends his own son to jail for 7 years instead of dropping his company.

Chairman Jang’s decision completly destroyed their plans and Director Kang’s relationship with the chairman.

After passing her baton, Director Kang is now out of the main fight, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t stop supporting Seo-Ro-Yi.

After sending Geun-Soo to jail, Seo-Ro-Yi thought that he has finally achieved revenge for his father. But when he was in front of his father’s grave, he realized that his life is still bitter. His revenge story is not over yet.


Itaewon Class is a surprisingly good drama. When I read the summary, I wasn’t sure if I would like this drama. But after watching it, I realized that I really shouldn’t judge a drama by its summary. Itaewon Class is full of action, somewhat romance, and lots and lots of revenge seeking. It’s definitely exciting to watch Seo-Ro-Yi and his team at DanBam grow as a team and as individuals. I really look forward to watching DanBam grow even more. But I wonder what happens after Seo-Ro-Yi has achieved his revenge, because he would lose his main drive. Hmmmm. We’ll find out soon!

Itaewon Class is a drama that shows growth really well. For example, Seo-Ro-Yi starts out as a high school student who is headstrong for his beliefs. However, as the drama continues on, we see that he’s still headstrong but he would listen to others, especially his manager Yi-Seo. He started taking other opinions into consideration before making decisions, and that is different from the past Seo-Ro-Yi.

And then there’s the fight between Soo-Ah and Yi-Seo over Seo-Ro-Yi. Both of them like him, but he seems to be trapped between the two. Hmmm I wonder who he’s going to choose… His beautiful childhood friend, Oh Soo-Ah, or his capable manager and business partner, Jo Yi-Seo.

There’s a total of 16 episodes in this drama, and I did my best to give you the skeleton of the first 10 episodes! If you want more detail, I recommend that you watch the drama or read the manhwa!

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