Given Ep 2 Impression *Spoiler*

Given Opening Song

The episode started off with Uenoyama-kun agreeing to teach Mafuyu how to play the guitar and he was quite patient. I was expecting him to yell or face palm himself when Mafuyu don’t even know what kind guitar he has or that he got to tune in constantly. During class he was even thinking of ways to teach Mafuyu better.

When Uenoyama-kun was taking Mafuyu to his band practice, Uenoyama-kun talked about Kaji-san and Haruki-san background a little and we learned: Haruki-san is a grad student studying something related to video and Kaji-san is a second year student going to the same college as Haruki. This part was like Uenoyama-kun is introducing Mafuyu to his family xD He was telling Mafuyu to remember to say thank you when they let you practice playing the guitar and remember to greet them.

We also got some screen time of Kaji and Haruki and I like their interaction with one another. ( I love their relationship) It was funny when Kaiji, Haruki, and Uenoyama was telling Mafuyu to get a part-time job if he is serious about music. (Poor Mafuyu, he got scared by them >.< ) After getting to know more about Kaji-san and Haruki-san in this episode I want a OVA or a side story about them. I want to know how they met, what got them into music, and how are they like at school. Also, even though Kaji and Uenoyama give out this delinquent or cold appearance, they both are caring and friendly people. (Never judge a book by its cover) I wonder did Kaji-san gave the same reaction or go through the samething as Uenoyana-kun when he first met Haruki-san.

(Haruki-san and Kaji-san has interesting part-time jobs ☆w☆ I want to see more…)

Before the episode ended, we have some bonding time between Mafuyu and Uenoyama again. While teaching Mafuyu, he finally asked about the guitar and where he got it from. We learned that Mafuyu does not have a dad so he is either died or he left his family. However, we end on a sweet note with Mafuyu singing his favorite song by just making the sounds lalala of how that song goes with no lyric. (I want lyrics Q.Q)

(Mafuyu has a beautiful singing voice! I want to learn more about his family and where he got that guitar from, but I know it be sad when we learn about it. )

Thank you for reading^^

You can now stream episode 2 on Crunchyroll

Images from: Given. Dir. H Yamaguchi. Lerche. 2019.

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