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B’s-LOG 20th Anniversary Otomate Goods

May issue of B's log magazine featured characters from different Otomate titles. Now fans can purchase the goods of these newly drawn illustration online. All the characters look so gorgeous! There are products such as acrylic stands, towels, and photos for sale. (Couldn't resist buying doubles for some of them ;~;) Images from official Twitter … Continue reading B’s-LOG 20th Anniversary Otomate Goods

November 2020 Anime Collaborations and Pop-up Store Events

1. Piofiore Fated Memories in アニON STATION Event Period: November 6 - December 13Website: https://bandainamcoam.co.jp/cafe_and_bar/anionstation/special/piofiore/Description: Piofiore Fated Memories is an otome game developed by Otomate, and they are having a special event at Cafe&Bar アニON STATION. I'm screaming at how I can't go to this one or buy any of the merchandise since I just … Continue reading November 2020 Anime Collaborations and Pop-up Store Events