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Nijigaku Idols

(left to right) Ayumu, Kasumi, Shizuku, Karin, Ai, Kanata, Setsuna, Emma, and Rina Have you every heard of Love Live's 3rd project, Nijisaki School Idols? If you haven't, don't worry! I will get you all up to date on them right here! This group is a group of 9 solo idols who come together as … Continue reading Nijigaku Idols

EnStars! EP.1 (Spoiler Warning!)

Ever heard of Idolish7? Or Starish? What do they have in common? They're male idol groups! Both Idolish7 and Starish also got an anime adaptation (Starish is from Uta no Prince-sama)! Oh yeah! We must not forget IdolM@ster: Side M, as well. However, adding to the list of male idol groups that have gotten an … Continue reading EnStars! EP.1 (Spoiler Warning!)