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Virtual Youtuber アイムソラ [I’m Sora Project] – Introduction

Have you guys ever heard of virtual youtubers? Well they are youtubers represented by digital avatars generated by computer graphics. I was recently introduced to this virtual youtuber during their first exhibition at the Anime Expo/AX2019, Aimu Sora from Cybird booth (A well known company that developed Ikemen Series). Sora is English and Japanese speaking … Continue reading Virtual Youtuber アイムソラ [I’m Sora Project] – Introduction

Introducing Our Authors

Artist: Neru Konnichiwa,Welcome to our blog! Before we start posting our thoughts and feelings about Anime, let us introduce ourselves 🙂 Yume はじめまして、 わたし の なまえ は ゆめ です。どうぞ よろしくおねがいします 。 Hajimemashite, watashi no namae wa Yume desu. Doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu. (Greetings. My name is Yume. It is a pleasure to meet you.) Artist: Yume … Continue reading Introducing Our Authors