October 2021 Anime Collaborations and Pop-up Store Events

1. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War x Amnibus

  • Event Period: October 16 – October 31
  • Website: https://event.amnibus.com/kaguya-animate-halloween/
  • Description: Kaguya-sama: Love is War is having a collaboration with Animate stores for this spooky month! There will be merchandises for sale featuring newly drawn illustrations such as badges, shikishi, keychains, mugs, acrylic stands, and much more! For Animate, there are purchase benefit gifts for customers who buy a box of chosen products. Additionally, customers who purchase 1,000 yen including tax will receive a random bromide. There are 6 types in total!
Images from official Twitter (@AMNIBUS)

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2. Kimetsu no Yaiba x ufotable cafe

  • Event Period: October 19 – November 21
  • Website: https://www.ufotable.co.jp/kimetsu/event/kmt_halloween2021/
  • Description: More Halloween collaborations and with Kimetsu no Yaiba! There will be goods and menus featuring newly drawn illustrations of 18 characters in Halloween theme. Depending on which drink is ordered, it comes with menu benefits of different ground postcards. Customers also have a chance to win a postcard once for every 3000 yen including tax on collaboration products. There also also random badges, acrylic stands, cups, pouch, and much more for sale.
Images from official Twitter (@ufotable)

3. Tokyo Revengers x THE CHARA CAFE

  • Event Period: October 19 – November 3
  • Website:https://www.the-chara.com/blog/?p=34134
  • Description: I miss Tokyo Revengers already and am waiting for second season! Fans can check out their recent collaboration with THE CHARA cafe at Q Plaza Ikebukuro 2F. There is a variety of foods, drinks, and desserts menu. Those dessert look delicious. Customers who order from the collaboration menu will receive a random luncheon mat of the characters, and drink orders come with a random coaster. From October 29, customers who purchase 2,000 yen including tax can receive a bromide.
Images from official Website


4. Platinum End x MEDICOS Online Shop

  • Event Period: October 22 – November 14
  • Website: https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/list?category_id=944
  • Description: Platinum End is a new anime this season by the same creator as Death Note. Goods from the Platinum End Pop Up Shop is now on sale on the MEDICOS Online Shop. There are acrylic stands, badges, keychains, and much more for sale~
Image from official Twitter (@medicos_et_02)

5. Jujutsu Kaisen x Coco’s

Images from official Twitter (@cocos_campaign)

6. Uramichi Oniisan x Pasela

  • Event Period: October 14 – November 11
  • Website: https://paselabo.tv/colabo.php?id=476
  • Description: Uramichi Oniisan is currently having a collaboration with Pasela. Collaboration menu is so cute and is inspired by the series. Additionally, customers have a chance to receive a random postcard and coaster. While you are there, check out the merchandise featuring newly drawn illustrations of characters in Halloween theme outfits. There are products such as keychains, badges, and acrylic stands for sale! All the characters look great in their costumes~
Images from official Twitter (@paselabo)

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