Blood Kiss: Vampire Romance Otome Game Review

Blood Kiss is an otome game developed by Lucydream and published by StoryTaco. Inc. It was released on March 31, 2020 for Android and IOS.

Blood Kiss : interactive stories with Vampires - Apps on Google Play

In this story, you are playing as a girl who encountered something she shouldn’t see. The secret of this workplace, which was a dungeon that monitored uncontrollable vampires, and she took the job of managing this dungeon and the vampires that exist within the dungeons.

There are 6 endings to this game including an end for the four routes, normal end, and a secret end. The characters are as follow:

Dayn, is the CEO of the company, born a noble vampire. He seems to give off the typical CEO vibe so the cool and smart one.

Eden is Dayn’s right-hand man, and he was much different than I expected him to be. At first I thought he would be the cold type with an angsty backstory, but he was actually so cute and enjoys head pats!

Gray is a coworker who is half vampire born from a vampire and a human. He seems to hold a lot of secrets and was reluctant to have the girl stay with them. There’s even a shocking truth near the end involving Gray and her father.

Ruel seems flirtatious, but can be reliable at times.

So far, I have only played Eden and Ruel’s route, but the story feels a bit vague, or not much goes on. It’s a pretty simple storyline with training, catching an escaped vampire named Lilith, and the scenes with the opposing vampire group, the Argon Clan. Upon being bitten by a vampire, the girl chose to become a vampire to be with whichever character ending maxed in the end. Additionally, you can enjoy some romance scenes by using diamonds to unlock certain romantic choices with a character. The diamonds are pretty easy to get for free from the offers, and the nice thing is that you can use the clothes previously bought for the checkpoints of other routes. So you just have to save enough to buy them once. Not to mention, the art is just gorgeous and was the main thing that attracted me to the game~

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