Collar x Malice -Unlimited- Otome Game Review (Spoilers)

Collar x Malice -Unlimited- Otome Game Review (Spoilers)

Collar x Malice: Unlimited is the fandisc of Collar x Malice, published on the Nintendo Switch by Aksys Games on August 13, 2020.

Official Trailer

Collar x Malice was such an enjoyable experience, and I had so much fun playing this fandisc!

Since this is a fandisc, it continues after we solved the X-Day incidents already. The prologue is an interlude story where we are introduced to a new character, Kurose. Depending on your choice, it will branch off to an individual route after story. We don’t really see Kurose anymore after the prologue other than in Shiraishi’s route. Besides that, there are short stories for each route character, Adonis route, and side stories.

My play order was Shiraishi->Takeru->Mineo-> Okazaki->Yanagi

After Story:

Kageyuki Shiraishi

I chose Shiraishi’s route first since he is my favorite character, and I had to know what happened after the ending of the first game. In Shiraishi’s route, we learn about him staying at a facility where he is working for the police. One of the prisoners, Kurose, escaped and started attacking people related to Shiraishi. Upon meeting Kurose, he placed an armband on Ichika that would trigger a bomb if it didn’t get frequently checked with Shiraishi’s eye scan. I’m actually kind of happy he did that because it gave a reason for Ichika to temporarily stay with Shiraishi. Whenever they had flashbacks, I got emotional with the OST playing in the back. We got to see some additional scenes in those flashbacks such as making a cat plush during Ichika’s recovery from amnesia, and a date back then to sightsee cats. It’s cute how Shiraishi gets jealous of a cat giving Ichika a kiss.

With Kurose on the run, we find out his objective was to make Shiraishi feel despair from losing the ones close to him because Shiraishi killed Rei Mikuni who Kurose admired. Kurose didn’t really understand Mikuni’s final wish. Mikuni wanted the dolls to be free and have their own dream, but Mikuni was a light to Kurose so he was upset that he got killed by Shiraishi. In addition, the flashback of Shiraishi and Mikuni was nice. It showed the relationship between those two, and it hit me hard when we saw Mikuni telling Shiraishi to achieve his dream when Shiraishi hesitated to kill him. As for Kurose, I do feel bad for him as he had always been jealous of Shiraishi since they were young. Shiraishi was good at everything at the training facility while Kurose wanted to be recognized as well. That’s why Kurose was happy when Mikuni talked to him and acknowledged his effort.

After the struggle between Shiraishi and Kurose, Shiraishi had the upper hand and took him down. Shiraishi had to return back to that cell or facility, but Minegishi allowed Ichika to keep an eye on him for one more day. Ichika got permission to bring rice ball materials to the place and made it together with Shiraishi. It was cute how he made a huge black rice ball. We also learned about the leather shoes Shiraishi received from Mikuni when he first left the training facility. It seems Mikuni sent one more pair to him before he died which meant he knew Shiraishi would kill him. These shoes were sent to Yanagi’s office and it might’ve been a gift for Shiraishi to keep moving forward if he felt guilty in the end.

Mikuni and Shiraishi’s relationship is just so touching! Now Shiraishi is allowed out once in a while to be with Ichika, so I’m happy with that at least. They even proposed basically! This moment made the fandisc worth it for me, but sadly we only see Shiraishi in his route. In most of the other routes, Shiraishi has gone on a vacation. Compared to other routes, Shiraishi had the most heavy information, and there was also riddles in this route. (I was bad at all the riddles and failed them ;-;)

Takeru Sasazuka

In Sasazuka’s route, he returned back to the police Cyber Crimes Division and has been working on a weapon smuggling case. Compared to Shiraishi, I feel like the other routes were more relaxing and focused on the romance. Ichika and Sasazuka had been discussing about moving in together temporarily, but then they got into a fight about Ichika worrying too much about Kazuki. It was heartbreaking watching them be apart, but glad they reconciled later. Afterward, they went on a trip to America where they visited Sasazuka’s mother’s grave to pay respects to her. The route also ended very sweet with the talk of marriage and Sasazuka finished his weapon smuggling case. Although I wish we could’ve seen the marriage, I’m happy for them!

Mineo Enomoto

In Mineo’s route, he returned back to working with the police with Ichika. We follow this case of a victim attacked by someone claiming to be part of Adonis. However, we find out that the victim, Yuka, faked this to punish herself in hope that she can be free from her sins. Yuka accidentally pushed this girl off the staircase and injured her leg, and people were bullying Yuka ever since. What those classmates did was a bit far as it was unintentional. I was impressed by Mineo’s keen judgment in finding the perpetrator. The way he came in to expose her was cool! Afterward, Ichika and Mineo went on a zoo date which was nice to see some romance in the route. And of course, gotta have the wedding! Mineo’s birthday was coming up, and Ichika planned all night for him (This is something nice to replay during Mineo’s birthday). However, Mineo said something embarrassing the next day to Sakuragawa, and they got into a little fight. In the end, Mineo got flowers to apologize and propose to Ichika during her outing with Mukai and Sakuragawa.

I liked this route overall. It was very cute and sweet. Throughout the game, we see Mineo growing into a more confident person and now they getting married already!

Kei Okazaki 

Okazaki is still continuing his work as an SP and I love his chemistry with Ichika (especially that CG in the beginning T^T). In his route, they never found out who Zero was so he’s still out there. It’s cute how Okazaki can get jealous of Ichika hanging out with other guys but still lets her go since he doesn’t want to restrict her freedom. My favorite scene was the mixer party where Ichika went with Sakuragawa in replace of Mukai. Who knew Okazaki would also be there for a mission and he didn’t even recognize Ichika all dressed up. Later on, Ichika misunderstood Okazaki’s words and proposed to him, but… he rejected her. I was mind blown because I was also thinking he’d say yes and he even got a ring for her but not to propose T.T I’m glad Yoshinari talked some sense into him. In the end, Okazaki was scared he loved Ichika too much and he began learning to do some chores. The issue was resolved and they would get married in the future. Their date was delayed for a while, but they accomplished it and had a happy ending!

Aiji Yanagi

After Mineo moved out, Yanagi lives alone and started his own private investigation office. Like most routes, Ichika goes on dates with Yanagi and it’s cute how she drags him to do these childish cute things like sharing a love drink. Yanagi gets embarrassed often but he still does it to make her happy. He is even starting to tease Ichika back now like the showering scene.

In Yanagi’s route, we are also introduced to his brother, Yuuji! He appears as a cold, selfish, and uncaring brother at first and even tells Yanagi to return to the police because he didn’t want others to know Yanagi had a criminal record. Later on, Yanagi later made his move by threatening Yuuji with the information he found about his company. I didn’t expect him to use those underhand methods, but it was satisfying to see him get back at him. Afterward, Yuuji apologized to Ichika and it seems he was actually a caring brother and was glad Yanagi voiced his opinions. I wish we could’ve seen more brotherly bonding time, but we got to hear some past stories about Yanagi. I can tell they were good siblings, and Yanagi fixes his strained relationship with his family. Also, I’m so happy we got to see an actual wedding CG of Ichika and Yanagi’s marriage!! At least I can be satisfied watching one of the routes get a marriage scene.

Side Stories

As mentioned, there are side stories which are basically from the perspective of our lovely characters Yoshinari, Minegishi, and Akito (Yes!!! I needed to see more of them >.<)

I started with Akito’s side story and it basically tells the time when he committed the X-Day crime. Upon feeling guilt, Akito told Kazuki he wasn’t going to go after a music career because he felt like it was the reason he lost someone important which was his sister. Although things were tense, Kazuki decided to support Akito in what he wanted. Akito also introduced Kazuki to Isshiki and Kazuki got invited to join his band later on. When they took that photo together as memory and Akito said they might not have another chance for one, my heart sank knowing it really was their last. I love their friendship, and this was a heartfelt side story. Hopefully, when Akito gets out of prison, they could become friends again and that Kazuki’s music will reach him. (*Grabs tissue*)

Yoshinari has brought such positive vibes to this game, and I’m glad we got to see more of him. Although he didn’t get a route, he seems to have feelings for Ichika in this story. In this route, Yoshinari and Okazaki were investigating Ichika and her connection with the investigation team. He developed a bond through music with her brother and he saw their strained relationship. We also got to hear a bit of Yoshinari’s background, how he came from a poor family and also had a conflicted relationship with his parents. Later on, Kazuki invites him to his concert and Yoshinari secretly invited Ichika in hopes that this will help her understand him better. However, there was a shooting incident after the concert but Yoshinari swiftly took him down. Ichika and Kazuki also reconciled, so it was a win-win for all.

Also, I want to point out the cute chibi panels like when everyone donated items to Yoshinari while he was staking out in the cold. It was also funny how he kept getting interrupted during his confession to Ichika. Unfortunately, they don’t end up together in this short story, but I wish he did get an official route.

The third character was Seiji Minegishi’s side story who is a commissioner from the police headquarters. While interacting with Ichika, he develops an interest in her and becomes curious about why she was able to solve the X-Day case while he wasn’t able to. While unsettled about letting go of the case, he invited Ichika out to get to know her. In the story, Ichika also contributed to finding the culprit of a kidnapping case. The scene during valentine was also cute where Ichika made chocolate for Minegishi.


If you wanted to know more about the Adonis executioners, then this route will be your favorite. This route contained my second most heartbreaking scene in this game following Shiraishi’s. So in Adonis route, it follows a story where members of the investigation team died including Kazuki who got involved in a case. Ichika was determined to take down Adonis especially Zero who is the core of the organization despite knowing it wouldn’t change anything. Soon after, Ichika joins Adonis with that goal in mind and remained loyal to Zero while concealing her emotions. Ichika receives an order from Zero to find out the spy in the organization, so the route is mostly just talking to the executioners and learning about them. There were about seven stories for each executioner. I enjoyed reading about their likes, dislikes, and the moments Ichika spent with them.

There isn’t a specific order you need to follow for clearing the executioner stories. After a few of the stories, you will reach the same ending a couple of times where Zero knew Ichika’s intentions and she stays with Adonis. Once you complete all the executioner stories, then you will reach the best ending.

Zero understands that Adonis and Mikuni’s ideals are impossible and that these revolutions only last a while. Adonis wasn’t really his biggest priority but rather observing how Ichika faces the malice was his goal. When he ordered Ichika to investigate the executioners to awaken those emotions Ichika stored away. Ichika and Zero were one of my favorite pairings, but sadly it’s too late to turn back. I’m glad they spent some time together like visiting the aquarium that Zero loved and their small chit-chats. The heart-aching ending definitely made me cry. If there was another world where he wasn’t Zero, then he deserved a better life and hopefully, he could’ve been with Ichika.

Well, that’s the end of the game! It’s truly been such a long rollercoaster of emotions. In addition, there are extras for each character to check out. Although I was a bit disappointed not being able to see everyone’s wedding, I’m glad they are happily together. I wonder will there be a second fandisc~

Images from Otomate official website
You can check out the game here!


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