Crown of the Deep Green Webtoon Review

After entering a novel, will Lan be able to change her fate by doing good deeds or will she meet her death end by the male lead?

Crown of the Deep Green
Official Trailer of Crown of the Deep Green (The Viridescent Crown)

Authors: Sarkk, binu, Siya


I was a normal grad student until I woke up in a world right out of a novel I wrote as a teen. But danger’s on the horizon—the character I became was originally destined to die AND people are out to get me! Even though this character’s past was full of villainy, I’m using my insider knowledge to survive the flame of the Azure Ring, settle debts, and make things right for the House of Latia! Can I earn the trust of the hero and get ahead in this world? Are there secrets that even I don’t know?



Lan is the stepsister of our male lead, Eustaph and just to be clear they are not blood-related. After her family got into an accident, Lan is trying to help Eustaph by temporarily becoming head of Latia and clearing all the struggles and debt before Eustaph reaches the age to take over. Lan is doing this partly because she feels responsible for the hardship and torment Eustaph will go through since she wrote the novel, but we later learn this was an existing world. Using her knowledge, Lan discovered the ice crystal cave in Latia’s ice wall and made deals with elves and mages to clear their debts. Even though Eustaph is quiet, he seems to like Lan and can be quite overprotective. The uncle whom they owed money to tried to kidnap Lan so his son could marry her, but Eustaph came in time to rescue her. I’m glad that uncle got what he deserved. Other than the uncle, the Crown Prince is quite annoying and is a womanizer despite being married. I can tell Eustaph is gonna deal with him for bothering Lan. Lan is smart and quick witted, so I like her as a protagonist. If you are looking for a cute romance story, then this one’s for you!

You can read the story here!

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