Top 5 Otome Game Yandere Route

According to wiki, a Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a term used for a person who is initially loving and caring to someone they have a strong affection for until their romantic love, admiration, and devotion becomes feisty and mentally destructive in nature through either over protectiveness, violence, brutality or all three combined.

Here are my top 5 in the otome games I have played or seen so far!

Amnesia: Toma

Amnesia is a pretty old otome game, and I first heard of it from its anime adaptation back in 2013. I think many have heard of Toma, the famous yandere that was obsessed with the MC and even locked her in a cage in one of the ending.


It was the 1st of August.
That morning, when she awoke, the heroine found herself without any memories from
before August 1st…… Everything, from the sort of life she lived, to the relationships she had,
was a blank……

A young boy named Orion appeared in front of her, referring to himself as a “spirit.”
Under Orion’s guidance, the heroine began the struggle to regain her memories.
She searched her house for clues about her everyday life, and received a message on her phone…

What was displayed on the screen was an unknown name to her.

Now, she is asked to meet with him, a boyfriend whose name and face she doesn’t know.
In a position where who to trust is uncertain, the heroine must move in a way that her memory
loss remains undetected by her partner. Because of this, the story becomes tangled in complex ways.

With no memories of “him,” our heroine will write a new love story starting today……

Idea Factory International, Inc.


Ephemeral - Natsume Route: My Impressions | Otome Amino

Natsume hasn’t exactly done anything severe, but he does say some things hinting his possessiveness with the MC.


The town where the main character, Cloé (name can be changed), is intensely surrounded by barriers, a place like a cage. Included her, all residents in this town are zombies.
Before the end of their life, many zombies kill themselves. Besides that, the daily life in this town is very peaceful…….
An admission notice of a famous campus with all kinds of races, which was only sent to the outstanding students, comes to Cloé, who wants to know more about the outside world.


Starstruck Love – Shion Jonouchi

I remember playing this one back then, and I thought he was gonna be a fluffy route, but I was wrong. In the end, he and the MC ran away, but then he locked her inside the room T.T


It all happened so suddenly… Because their business failed, your parents amassed a substantial debt. After they died in a car accident, you were alone without a single relative. You had been left with nothing but the burden of debt. It was then that you were offered help by Toji Jonouchi, the father of your childhood friend. He knew you very well, and was glad to take you in as part of his family. But living in a new home wasn’t all there was to accepting his offer. Toji is the CEO of a major entertainment company, and all three of his sons are very popular celebrities!

Your life changed drastically when you moved into the Jonouchi family mansion. In order to pay off the debts, Toji made it possible for you to become an idol singer. What’s more, three heartthrob pop stars are now your siblings! As you begin working towards fame, you must keep your association with Jonouchi family secret. But this becomes more difficult when your “brothers” want to have a different relationship with you. Will you succumb to this forbidden seduction, or meet another handsome celebrity who also wants your devotion? Either way, remember… That when a pop star falls in love with you crazily, there will be no return!

Arithmetic/Okko Games Wikia

Dangerous Fellows – Lawrence

Dangerous Fellows Otome Game: Lawrence's Nightwatch | Dangerous, Art  reference poses, Lawrence


A sudden outbreak of an unknown virus has destroyed the entire world. Most of the people have turned into horrendous, blood-seeking zombies…

As I was trying to escape from a deadly attack from a horde of zombies, I was miraculously saved by some strangers – five attractive fellows. (Eugene, Zion, Lawrence, Ethan and Harry)

They’ve been hiding safely with five other survivors in a school building near my town. They take me in reluctantly, but…

Is this place really safe for us?

-Dangerous Fellows Wiki

Ikémen Sengoku – Kenshin Uesugi

Otome Reviews — IkeSen: Uesugi Kenshin Route Review [SPOILERS] “I...

In the middle of Kenshin‘s route, he locked the MC in a decorated cell to protect her from danger.


After accidentally changing history and earning the favor of warlord Nobunaga Oda by saving him from near death, you must survive 3 months surrounded by Japan’s most famous and handsome Sengoku warlords before your next chance to make it back home.
In a world where it takes one man to conquer a nation, do you have what it takes to conquer his heart?

-Ikemen Sengoku Wiki

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