Piofiore: Fated Memories Otome Game – Final Route Review (Spoiler)

We have reached the final route!

Piofiore: Fated Memories | Image | BoardGameGeek

Henri or known as the Direttore of the Casino is a mysterious man with ulterior motives. As mentioned in Gilbert’s route, the Direttore was behind the counterfeit money case. In this route, we will find out why he did this and the grudges he has against the Mafia. The route splits off halfway from Gilbert’s route. The whole connection was a shock, to be honest. Henri’s sister, Chloe, was the previous Key Maiden that stayed with the Falzone. However, Chloe fell in love with the head of the Falzone or Dante’s father, but he married another woman. This caused her to become delusional and one day met an unfortunate end. Henri believed it was actually the Falzone that killed her after the shock of losing his sister. He also experienced some traumatizing things in his new family. At present, Lili meets Henri during his frequent visits to the Church. Henri sees a similarity between Lili and his sister since they were both the Key Maiden.

I mostly got the bad ends in this route, but if you manage to get the best end then it’s worth to see it! His pained expression hurts my heart every time. In the best end, Lili and Henri escaped together to a faraway place where they took care of these children. This route became one of my favorites, and Henri deserves better after what he’s been through. Although we didn’t really see much romance of them together, I enjoyed playing that extra ending story that showed their life in the new place. Hopefully in Piofiore Episodio 1926 we will see more romance with Henri.

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