Piofiore: Fated Memories Otome Game – Gilbert Route Review

Gilbert Redford is the leader of the Visconti Family that was once part of the Falzone. He is very enthusiastic and charismatic, definitely popular with the people of Creta. This story is an unlockable route after completing the other four character’s route. In his route, Lili woke up one night to being kidnapped by Yang and clashed in a battle with the other characters. On her escape from the Church, she was rescued by Gilbert and he allowed her to stay in his mansion for the time being. We didn’t really delve into the Key Maiden story here, but we have a new case with counterfeit American dollars going around Burlone, and Gilbert was a prime suspect of this case. As we head near the end and clear his name, we also discover the corruption and ties with the Casino which we will go in-depth for the finale route.

I enjoyed the case for the most part, and I liked how the three mafia family worked together this time to find solve this case instead of the usual deaths of the enemy group. Gilbert’s bad end which is if Gilbert became a runaway wanted criminal was painful and sad, but the best end always makes it better! In the end of this route, I was so curious about the Direttore’s intentions and his true identity. I can’t wait to see what Finale has in store and the new discovery we will uncover!

Image source and for more information, you can visit Aksys Games!

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