Saving the Villain from the Heroine Webtoon Review

Another transmigration into a novel story! Sielle is the maid in this story working under Ferzei Yekarte who was supposed to die. After preventing him from drinking the poison, Sielle took the poison to prove her innocence and developed a side effect that caused her to become a child. In order to repay the debt, Ferzei sent Sielle to the well-known monstrous Vicenna family to cure her. However, she must be their foster daughter for three years as part of the contract in exchange for Yekarte’s Carnen mine. There’s also an additional point to the contract, Sielle will marry Ferzeri once the curse is lifted and she reaches adulthood. This allows Ferzei to dodge the diplomatic marriage from the Emperor. Will Sielle survive in this family until then?

In the original story, the heroine, Saintess Rienna, poisoned Ferzei after suffering from her unrequited love. She did this to help her new love, Calan. Upon entering the Vicenna, Sielle passed the exam into the Vicenna family using her knowledge.

Saving the Villain Who was Abandoned by the Female Lead Manga Latest  Chapters - Top Manhua

Author: YeonBi, Bokhee


The story is pretty cute for the most part, and nothing dramatic has occurred yet. We know Sielle is special since the poison should’ve killed her, but she was lucky enough to only turn into a child. Eustia is gorgeous like most fathers in webtoon, and I also like her brother, Sharkis. The story isn’t unique or new, but it’s cute so far with her relationship with the family members. With Eustia’s growing relationship with his foster daughter, I can imagine him refusing to marry her off to Ferzei in the future. As mentioned, Rienna chooses Emperor Calan in the end, so I can’t wait to meet him. I think there’s a high chance he will be Sielle’s second male lead later on. All things considered, the story may sound pretty cliche with a girl that enters the world in a novel, but if you enjoy these plots like me then you can give it a try!

You can read this story on Pocket Comics!

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