The Detective of Muiella Webtoon Review

After a murder incident at the place she worked, Kate’s life changed upon meeting Ian.

The Detective of Muiella - Tappytoon Comics | Official English
Image from Tappytoon
The Detective of Muiella Official Trailer

By: Kiarne, Ssol
Genre: Fantasy, Romance


Kate is a maid at the Baron’s estate in Muiella, a country where warlocks and witches are shunned. One day, the new servant Ian arrives- but he’s much too proper and handsome for his lowly rank. As they keep running into each other, Kate’s suspicion of Ian’s disarming demeanor only grows when strange incidents crop up in the manor. Sleuthing for the truth, the wellbeing of the estate and its residents may be at stake! Where’s a good detective when you need one?! Based on the hit novel.



The Detective of Muiella has been interesting so far, and the addition of witches and magic to this story makes it stand out even more for me. The story did not focus on much romance so far with all the incidents and investigations in between. First, there was the killer in the mansion Kate and Ian met at where we discover magic weapon smuggling activities. Then, we have the arena deaths with the missing children. Currently, we are in the case of a witch stealing hearts. However, this witch grants a wish in exchange for the target’s heart. It shows how some bad witches take hearts for mana but there are good ones as well. This case is my favorite at the moment as they discovered how the case of the dead maid and the cursed lady that the maid worked for are related.

Our protagonist, Kate, has also recently accepted herself as a witch, but we don’t know why she doesn’t have a mark like the others, and witches are not viewed positively in their town. We also discovered that her father was a witch, and her mother was from a well-known family, the Hogans. I really hope for Ian and Kate to get together soon. Ian can be kind of difficult to read, but his actions can be considered cute. I am dying for Ian to just say I love you, but Kate might have to make the first move instead. I assume Kate’s hidden blonde hair has something to do with her magic, perhaps it’s sealed? I also like her uncle, who is an elf and a friend of her father. He can be overprotective, but I hope he agrees to let Ian meet her soon. I’m surprised Kate didn’t try to find and meet Ian, and Ian didn’t break into that house yet. If you enjoy some mystery, magic, and romance then I recommend this manhwa or webtoon!

You can check out the story here!

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