Piofiore: Fated Memories Otome Game – Dante Route Review

Dante is the boss of the Falzone Family, and in this route we finally uncover the truth behind the Key Maiden and the secret relic. He became the boss at a young age after his father’s death and had to act mature for the Family growing up. In his route, Lili is rescued by Dante during an ambush at the Church. During her stay at their mansion, we see Dante’s cold side, someone befit as the head of the Mafia. However, there’s more to him as he slowly shows his soft side to Lili. Dante can be quite cute and considerate like how he secretly cares about you and gets gifts for you through Leo. The moments where he blushed were also cute! Most of the romance began when they lived together at a hidden hideout for a while together.

Overall, I found the myth about the relic quite interesting with how the Falzones were the grave keeper and protected the key to the relic. The story became borderline fantasy with the blessing and Key Maiden mark though. My favorite scene was definitely the epic battle involving Yang and Orlok. I almost thought I got a bad end when Dante was on the losing end of the battle, but they managed to pull it off! The route contains a lot of content to grasp, but it was a fun ride overall.

Image source and for more information, you can visit Aksys Games!

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