Horimiya Ep. 1 (Spoilers!)

Raise your hands if you were fans of Horimiya because of the manga. *raises hands*

The long awaited shoujo anime is finally here! Here’s what happened in episode 1:

We meet Hori Kyoko, a popular and pretty girl with something to hide – the fact that she’s plain and basically a mother when she’s at home.

We also meet Miyamura Izumi, a quiet “gloomy” boy who also has something to hide – his past.

What happens when the two get to know each other due to events that seem to happen on pure coincidence?

A love story, I tell you, a love story /half joke

The two formally get to know each other one day when Miyamura brought Souta, Hori’s younger brother, home. Souta refused to let Miyamura go, so Miyamura hung out at Hori’s place.

Afterwards, the two of them get closer as Miyamura goes to Hori’s house to hang out a lot (also for Souta but…)

We also meet Yuki Yoshikawa, the blonde hair girl, Hori’s best friend. She meets this side of Miyamura when he was rushing to go buy eggs. Love..?


Tooru Ishikawa, a boy who has a crush on Hori. Well… he goes to confess and he gets rejected. Yup, episode 1 things.

Whew a lot of things happened in episode 1, and I am definitely not doing it justice this time. 10/10 must watch!


Yay! I was really excited for Horimiya anime because it’s one of my favorite shoujo manga of all times. It has backstories filled with insecurities, romance, and pretty much everything. I really look forward to meeting Akane Yanagi (best boy best boy)! Woohoo, looking forward to seeing how this story progresses!

Stay safe everyone!

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