SK8: The Infinity Ep. 1 (Spoilers!)

Ah the power of the transfer student.

The long awaited skateboarding anime is here!

In the very first minutes of the first episode, we see the skateboarding race between Reki and Shadow. But Shadow pulled *some funny business* and manages to knock Reki off his skateboard, causing Reki to lose and break his arm.

The next day at school, Reki thinks long and hard about taking revenge on Shadow when his homeroom teacher announces that they are going to have a new student, Langa.

Nothing much happens with that interaction. Reki and Langa’s skateboarding journey starts after school ends, and that’s where our story officially begins!

Langa, is a currently living with a single mother, therefore to take some weight off her shoulder, he decides to go look for some part-time work. He was never able to find a place willing to take him and as he walks from another rejection, he meets Reki who was chasing down a skateboard.

Langa tells Reki about the fruits of his job searching labor and Reki recommends him for a part-time job at the skateboard shop Reki works at.

As Langa and Reki arrive at the shop, the shop’s manager comes out and asks Reki to deliver a skateboard for a person participating in the skateboarding race “S”. Langa accepts the job on behalf of Reki and there they go, off to “S”.

However, once Reki and Langa got to “S”, Reki realizes that he brought the wrong skateboard – he brought the one he was working on and not the customer’s. Naturally, the customer gets angry and demands that Reki skates instead. Seeing that Reki has a broken arm, Langa goes instead. (Note: He can’t even stand on a skateboard)

What people didn’t know was that Langa is an experienced snowboarder, so he treated the skateboard as a snowboard but with wheels.

With that, he was able to beat Shadow in the match, which got everyone talking about the “mysterious rookie” Langa!

Now, Langa’s official skateboarding lessons begin with the help of experienced skateboarder Reki!


I will start off with saying, the visuals…. are so nice. The anime is so pretty, Langa, Reki… everyone is so pretty. Anyways, it’s very funny how everyone who participates in “S” are very different in their “S” personas and then their regular life (especially Shadow, it was so cute).

Sk8: The Infinity started off very good with a good mix of both comedy and tension. I look forward to how the anime progresses! It feels like I’m learning how to skateboard as Langa learns, except I have no prior snowboard/skateboard experience. I wonder if I will ever be able to pull off any of those skateboarding stunts…. they look very tough but fun to do (assuming i don’t fall and get hurt haha).

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