The Flower of Prencia Webtoon Review

After an attempted death, Sabin did not enter a game, become the next princess, or anything like that. Instead, she became a pure-blood witch named Leah, who was immediately sent to take the queen candidacy exam.

The Flower of Prencia - Tappytoon Comics | Official English

Author: Sung Eun-Tae

Sabin is ready to say goodbye to life on this earth–that is, until she’s thrust into the magical realm of Prencia and reborn in the body of a rare pure-blood named Leah Blesha. Rediscovering life as a witch training among devils, she is now a lowly human competing for a place by the very throne of Prencia. Can this hopeless mortal learn to navigate Devildom and hone her magical skills without sacrificing her own humanity? And will the handsome new devil with amethyst eyes help or hinder Leah on the path to become the royal bride?



Personally, I enjoyed the simple storyline and romance. Leah had gone through a lot before she came to this world. After taken in by the orphanage, the director was abusive, and she suffered an unimaginable life there. She met a friend that she was very close with called Oddball. They were going to leave together after the director and his lover got arrested for abuse. until an unfortunate accident happened to Oddball leading to Sabine taking her life.

Leah doesn’t take revenge in this life, but she just lives her everyday life and take on the exams. Although she is a strong witch, she doesn’t admit it and believes she is weak. From where the story left off on, I am dying to know if the Demon King, Yan, was the one that killed Oddball. And what exactly was he doing in the human world to begin with? We see a man in this world that resembles Oddball, so could it be that Oddball wasn’t human? I recommend to give this a try if you enjoy romance and magic, but keep in mind of the sensitive background!

You can read the story on Tappytoon!

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